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13+ Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters List – All You Need To Know

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters have amazing personality, backstory and blend well with the over all story of the anime series. In this article, we will be listing down the major TBHK characters. These characters are more popular among fans and have a rich plot surrounding them.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun is a supernatural anime that is themed around ghosts and urban legends. The main protagonist Nene, summons one succh ghost, Hanako, and ends up becoming his servant. Thus her adventures in the supernatural part of her school begins.

List Of The Most Popular Toilet Bound Hanako Kun (TBHK) Characters

  1. Hanako
  2. Yashiro Nene
  3. Yugi Tsukasa
  4. Nanamine Sakura
  5. Akane Aoi
  6. Mitsuba Sousuke
  7. Minamoto Kou
  8. Aoi Akane
  9. Yako
  10. Mei Shijima
  11. Mokke
  12. Natsuhiko Hyuuga
  13. Teru Minamoto
  14. Tsuchigomori

Hanako – Main Male Character Of TBHK

Hanako - Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters

Hanako, also known as Yugi Amane when he was human, is a ghost that resides in the old building of Kamome Academy. He is the main male character of the Toilet Bound Hanako Kun series. He is known as School Mystery Number 7 and is responsible for granting wishes.

Hanako is the ghost of a young boy who keeps the harmony in the school’s interaction between humans and supernatural beings. Despite his stature, he has a big heart.

He has a positive attitude, is friendly, and enjoys going out and having fun. As a ghost, he is rather sneaky, and when he isn’t doing that, he likes to tease other people. He can be very playful and pranksterish.

Yashiro Nene – Main Female Character Of TBHK

Yashiro Nene - Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters

Yashiro Nene is a freshman in the High School Division at Kamome Gakuen.  She has agreed to serve as Hanako’s assistant in accordance with the terms of their contract.

Nene is a very gregarious and sincere young lady who appears to have a strong desire to win the admiration of her classmates. She is generally considerate of other people, even to the point where she can appear naive at times.

In addition to this, she is a hopeless romantic who is easily swayed by dazzling looks; as a result, she has had a great deal of unsatisfactory romantic experience.

Nene is also able to view supernatural beings, such as Hanako, despite her lack of any previous connection to such beings. It is later revealed that this is a result of her having approximately only a year left for her to live.

Yugi Tsukasa – Main Antagonist Of TBHK

Yugi Tsukasa

Yugi Tsukasa is a ghost of Hanako’s brother. He too haunts Kamome Academy and grant wishes to those who travel to the far shore. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider him the main antagonist character in Toilet Bound Hanako Kun series.

At the moment, he can be seen living in the room used by the school’s Broadcasting Club alongside its members Nanamine Sakura and Hyuuga Natsuhiko.

Tsukasa seems to maintain his sunny disposition and his childlike antics even in his ghostly form. It is clear that he adores his older brother, Hanako, and that he has a very close relationship with him.

On the other hand, he is capable of committing extremely violent deeds without feeling any remorse for his actions. He is easily one of the coldest villains there is in the show.

Nanamine Sakura

Nanamine Sakura - Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters

Nanamine Sakura is currently enrolled in the third year of the High School program at Kamome Academy. She entered into an agreement with Tsukasa and is obligated to serve as his assistant as a result. She participates in broadcasting through her involvement with the school’s club.

Sakura comes across as a detached individual, and as a result, she does not display a lot of emotion. She only veers slightly from her regular expressionless visage very infrequently.

She appears to love Yashiro Nene’s company and is generous and kind to her, but she is also willing to deceive her at Tsukasa’s request, which suggests that she may not be entirely trustworthy.

Akane Aoi

Aoi Akane

Akane Aoi is Nene’s best friend and a freshman at Kamome Academy. She introduces Nene to otherworldly rumors.

Aoi is nice and joyful TBHK character and close with Nene. She claims to despise scary stories but reads them to cheer up Nene, who likes them. She supports Nene’s romantic endeavors.

Aoi is good with words and can pressure people into doing what she wants. Aoi’s features make her Kamome Academy’s queen of popularity.

Mitsuba Sousuke – Most Adorable Boy In TBHK

Mitsuba Sousuke

Mitsuba Sousuke haunts Kamome Academy Middle School’s lockers. He was a Middle School student at Kamome Academy and a photographer.

After being resurrected by Yugi Tsukasa, he devoured School Mystery No.3’s heart and is now its representative.

He has androgynous appearance which is why most people mistake him for a girl.

Mitsuba is brash, foul-mouthed, and overconfident in himself, especially his looks; he brags about being cute. He insults others and uses harsh nicknames.

Despite being harsh and noisy, Mitsuba also has a more tranquil side to him. He feels clearly dispirited while talking about his history, gets lonely easily.

Minamoto Kou

Minamoto Kou - Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters

Minamoto Kou is a middle schooler at Kamome Academy and a member of the Minamoto Clan. Teru and Tiara are his siblings.

Kou is one of the few human characters in TBHK who can see, talk and touch ghosts. This is only possible because his clan. They have been taking care of expelling ghosts for years.

Kou is happy, forthright, and often acts without thinking. As the series progresses, he matures.

He’s acts like a delinquent, although he’s not. He’s just rash, loud, and caring.

Kou has a strong sense of justice and was compassionate and open-minded enough to become friends with Hanako despite his older brother’s insistence to expel the ghost and their view that all supernaturals are terrible.

Aoi Akane

Akane Aoi

Aoi Akane is Nene’s classmate and the student council vice president at Kamome Academy’s High School division. He’s a Supernatural Clock Keeper together with Kako and Mirai.

Akane’s crush on Aoi often overrides his sense of reason. Akane would do anything to protect her. Even if it means joining the evil guys.

Asides that, he’s reliable, hardworking, and professional as a student. He excels in athletics and studies and is the student council vice president.



Yako is one of the first villain characters to be introduced in Toilet Bound Hanako Kun series. She haunts Kamome Gakuen’s staircases. She’s the 2nd School Mystery’s Misaki Stairs representative.

Yako is a proud character who dislikes humans besides Misaki her dead lover. She’d do anything to reunite with him. In her introductory episode, she was being evil thanks to Tsukasa changing her rumour. However, she later admitted that she was willfully doing awful things due to bottling up her emotions for a long time.

She has a soft side, as evidenced when she comforted Kou after hearing about his friend and lets him call her “Nee-san.”

Mei Shijima

Mei Shijima - Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters

Shijima Mei is the 4th School Mystery at Kamome Academy. Shijima Mei, a former Kamome Academy student, created her.

As School Mystery 4, she haunts the Kamome Academy art room where her painting sits. Her boundary is the artwork’s Atelier tower.

Shijima seems childish and continually smiling. She offers Nene comfort throughout her capture. At the same t ime, s he’s cynical and vicious, advocating murder and threatening to hurt others.

Mokke – Cutest Character In TBHK


Mokke haunt Kamome Academy. They first resembled a hideous monster with protruding eyes and limbs. Due to their rumor, they are trying to imitate this form. However, their true form is s mall and harmless.

They are easily the most adorable characters in Toilet Bound Hanako Kun series.

A Mokke has pink-to-black fur and a rabbit-like appearance with one or two eyes. They can stretch and carry objects with their ear-like limbs.

They’re curious and naughty, stealing and hoarding campus things.

Natsuhiko Hyuuga – Craziest Character In TBHK

Natsuhiko Hyuuga - Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters

Natsuhiko is one of the human characters in Toilet bound Hanako kun who was supporting Tsukasa. He does not have any ill intention towards anyone, but he still wouldn’t care about tricking others to falling into Tsukasa’s plan.

He is a carefree and reckless person who is madly in love with Sakura Nanamine. This is probably the reason he is assisting Tsukasa’s group.

He’s too faithful, or even obsessive towards Sakura, since he continues to pursue his crush despite her not showing any interest in him.

Teru Minamoto

Teru Minamoto

Minamoto Teru is the Student Council President at Kamome Academy’s High School Division. He’s Kou and Tiara’s older brother and a Minamoto Clan exorcist.

Calm, collected, and trustworthy, he’s popular. He’s sensitive and can easily spot supernatural events. He’s kind to his brother Kou and sister Tiara, doing whatever they ask.

Teru believes that all ghosts are evil. Only Mokkes, who he neither hates nor likes, are exceptions.

He is also considered to be one of the hottest characters in Toilet Bound Hanako Kun universe.

Tsuchigomori – Coolest Sensei In TBHK

Tsuchigomori - Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Characters

Kamome Academy science instructor Tsuchigomori Ryjirou. He’s a hidden Supernatural who curates the academy’s 4PM Bookstacks. He’s also Kou’s homeroom teacher.

As curator of 4PM Bookstacks, he has access to the school’s current, past, and future information. He knows everything about every school student.

In human form, Tsuchigomori is sarcastic, playful, and easily irritable. He enjoys threatening and scaring others. He dislikes boisterous youngsters despite being a teacher. Tsuchigomori has a weird sense of humor and likes to joke about eating human infants, to scared glances.

That’s it for this post! These are the most popular characters from Toilet Bound Hanako Kun series.

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