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15+ Greatest Manga Like Tomodachi Game You Must Read!

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some of the greatest manga like Tomodachi Game that you must read if you like mind games and survival themed stories.

Tomodachi Game is a manga with survival game theme where the main characters has to survive an intense high stakes game. In this manga, the MC is tricked and forced into playing the “friendship game” that will test the bond between the MC and his friends. But as the game goes on, there are several betrayals and secrets that break each others trust. It is up to the MC’s wits to survive this mad game.

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the list of top 16 manga similar to Tomodachi Game!

Top 16 Manga Similar To Tomodachi Game

  • Liar Game
  • Real Account
  • Classroom Of The Elite
  • Alice In Borderland
  • Kakegurui
  • Battle Game In 5 Seconds
  • “X” Method In The Dead Of Night
  • One Outs
  • Monster
  • Rengoku Dead Role
  • Ousama Game
  • Life Is Money
  • Darwin’s Game
  • Omniscient Reader
  • Dear Self-Styled F Rank Bro’ Says, He’s Gonna Rule A Game-Oriented School.
  • Deadman Wonderland

16. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland was built after an earthquake nearly destroyed Tokyo. Privately run as a theme park, Deadman Wonderland uses Japanese prisoners as tourist attractions. Few know about this “theme park’s” true purpose and horrors.

Middle schooler Ganta Igarashi has lived normally since the earthquake. The Red Man, a mysterious masked murderer, kills his entire class and knocks him unconscious, leaving him as the only survivor. When he awakens, he’s falsely convicted and sent to Deadman Wonderland. How will this new inmate fare in the prison’s bizarre “games”? What does Ganta’s childhood friend Shiro know about the Red Man?

15. Dear Self-styled F rank bro’ says, he’s gonna rule a game-oriented school.

Dear Self-styled F rank bro' says, he's gonna rule a game-oriented school.

Shishio Academy is the best school in Japan, where only the elite can study. In reality, it’s a “devour the weak by the strong” school where everything is measured by game results. Only one person can survive this massacre.

Guren is a legendary shadow world conqueror who wants a normal, carefree life. He intentionally fails the academy entrance exams, so he gets an F. Reuniting with his sister Karen changes everything. When his sister is in danger, he shines.

14. Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader

Kim Dokja isn’t his own hero. Fitting his name, he’s a solitary web novel reader. Since 2003, he’s lived vicariously through Yu Junghyeok, the web novel’s main character (TWSA). Through Junghyeok, Dokja has experienced regressing in time to end life-threatening “scenarios” that force people to act out narratives for god-like “Constellations.”

Dokja finally accepts the story’s end after 3,149 chapters, long after other readers lost interest. Before his surroundings go dark, he receives a message from the author saying the story will soon be monetized. He quickly realizes he’s living in TWSA. He is the only omniscient reader of future events, but his success in the scenarios is not guaranteed. Perhaps his advantage will allow him to play the protagonist role that never suited him.

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13. Darwin’s Game

Manga Like Tomodachi Game  - Darwin's Game

Darwin’s Game is a survival themed manga like Tomodachi Game that also has an anime adaptation.

A classmate invites Kaname Sudou to play the “Darwin’s Game.” Upon opening the app, a green snake bites his neck, knocking him unconscious. Without any signs of a snake bite, he wakes up in the infirmary and is told to take the day off. Despite being perplexed by what happened, he boards the train home.

Unfortunately, he uses the app again. As the app looks like any other battle game, Kaname sighs and starts his first match. His pleasant surprise is short-lived as his in-game opponent appears and chases him with a knife.

As he runs for his life, Kaname realizes Darwin’s Game is a brutal survival fight.

12. Life Is Money

Manga Like Tomodachi Game - Life Is Money

The MC’s sister is dying. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t raise 100 million yen for her surgery. The people who helped start a charity stole everything and betrayed him.

This is when a mysterious man asks the MC in a bar at night if he’d bet his life for money.

Asiniji Teru’s short psychological horror series Life is Money begins here.

“The Nightmare Game” follows ten people. If their anxiety is too high, they die. Prize money is divided among survivors when a player dies. If all players survive, they each win 50 million yen.

The protagonists try to keep their humanity as they survive the mental prison and learn about the human mind’s darker corners.

11. Ousama Game

Manga Like Tomodachi Game - Ousama Game

Ousama Game is a manga like Tomodachi Game where Nobuaki Kanazawa receives a mysterious text message from the “King” after a nightmare about the “King’s Game.” This message requires his entire class to participate, fulfill the King’s orders within 24 hours, and not quit mid-game.

Nobuaki’s classmates dismiss the message as a prank. Those who defy the King die horribly for their disobedience. With each extreme command, the body count rises, and the class wonders if anyone will survive.

10. Rengoku Dead Role

Rengoku Dead Role - Manga Like Tomodachi Game

Sakai Hiroaki is a high school genius who dislikes anything that is easy for him to do. In an attempt to prevent a student’s suicide, he commits suicide himself. After waking up, he’s in purgatory with other people who committed suicide. Sakai discovers that he and his peers are subjected to never-ending intense death games, and he tries to escape.

This is a unique manga that has several plot points similar to Tomodachi Game and is a must read if you like Survival/Death games.

9. Monster


Kenzou Tenma, a renowned Japanese neurosurgeon in post-war Germany, must choose between operating on an orphan boy and Düsseldorf’s mayor. Tenma risks his reputation by saving Johan and abandoning the mayor.

He loses his job, and Heinemann’s daughter Eva breaks off their engagement. Tenma’s colleagues disgrace and shun him, but Heinemann’s murder gives him a second chance.

Nine years later, Tenma is the surgical department head and almost the director. Although everything seems fine at first, he soon becomes involved in a string of gruesome murders in Germany. The culprit is a monster Tenma saved nine years ago.

8. One Outs

One Outs

One Outs is a baseball manga that has an anime adaptation of its own. It is not a survival themed story, but the MC is super smart and manipulative which is similar to Tomodachi Game.

Toua Tokuchi, a gambling and mind-games master, has 499 wins and zero losses in “One Outs,” a simplified form of baseball with only a batter and a pitcher. Hiromichi Kojima, star batter for the weakest team in the Japanese baseball league, is visiting Okinawa, Tokuchi’s hometown. Kojima dreams of leading the Lycaons to the championship, but he loses to Tokuchi’s normal fastball during a training camp.

Kojima recruits Tokuchi after a rematch, believing he may be their key to victory. Every out he pitches will earn him five million yen, but every run he gives up will cost him fifty million yen. Tokuchi’s fight to bring the Lycaons to victory is another gamble—something he does best.

7. “X” Method In The Dead Of Night

x Method In The Dead Of Night

Hiroki Kamiya is a feminist. Yui plays games and does nothing all day. Hiroki receives a message telling him how to become a girl after updating his “Observation Diary” After an argument with his sister, he follows the instructions to experience girlhood. The method lets someone enter your body while you enter another’s.

Hiroki returns from two hours in a girl’s body to find Yui’s bloody corpse in his arms and a knife in his hands. Who killed his sister while he was gone? Mikuni Mikuriya, an idol, is Hiroki’s first lead. He’ll do anything to find his sister’s killer.

6. Battle Game In 5 Seconds

Battle Game In 5 Seconds - Manga Like Tomodachi Game

This is another great survival manga like Tomodachi Game where Akira, our MC, and others are thrown into an unfamiliar room from modern-day Japan. They’re told no one will miss them, the world thinks they’re dead, and they’re test subjects for groundbreaking research. The research in question involves body-enhancing and reality-bending abilities. Akira finds the challenge exciting, while others are terrified.

Each player has unique abilities which they have to use in the games. From one-on-one duels to battle royales, even death is fair game. As the group copes with the terrible turn of events, Akira vows to outsmart his opponents and solve the mystery of this mysterious organization.

5. kakegurui


The children of businessmen and politicians attend Hyakkaou Private Academy. Hyakkaou students don’t take academic achievement to heart. They value strategy and people reading. Many campus spots become gambling dens at night, overseen by the student council, where players compete for rank, money, and more.

Ryouta Suzui is a “house pet”. House pets are the students who have lost a bet and are the the very bottom of the hierarchy. They have to serve others and literally be like a pet to the other students.

Yumeko Jabami, a new transfer student, changes his life. Yumeko quickly gets involved in the school’s gambling scene despite Suzui’s warnings. Student council members meddle in her affairs because of her exploits. Suzui tries to keep Yumeko out of trouble, but she’s the kind of compulsive gambler Hyakkaou needs.

4. Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland

Ryouhei Arisu, uneasy about the future, avoids reality. Arisu, Daikichi Karube, and Chouta Segawa wait for the first train after a night out. A blinding firework explodes in the sky, knocking them out.

The trio returns to the bar covered in dust to discover a barren city. Arisu feels alive for the first time in his life and enjoys this lifeless city. His happiness ends when the group rushes into a festival. Unbeknownst to them, its delicacies and lively atmosphere will be the setting for their first deadly game.

Arisu and his friends enter the mysterious Borderland, where every game puts their lives at risk and a single misstep can kill them.

3. Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite

If you like the mind game part of Tomodachi Game then Classroom of the Elite will entertain you like nothing else.

Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School gathers Japan’s brightest youth on a single campus with government funding. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, a reserved student in class 1-D, befriends antisocial Suzune Horikita.

His peers initially enjoy the academy’s leisurely lifestyle and modern facilities. Soon, however, Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School reveals its true nature: only the top scoring classes can fully utilize the school’s offerings, and Class D is farthest from that status. Class D has the “worst” students.

Ayanokouji, Horikita, and the rest of Class D must overcome their differences and battle other classes to reach Class A.

2. Real Account

Real Account - Manga Like Tomodachi Game

Real Account is a social media app that links accounts to reality. From socializing to shopping, the app is essential to Ataru Kashigawa’s daily life. He uses Real Account to escape reality and considers his followers friends.

Ataru’s views on friendship change when he has no choice but to play horrific death games in Real Account with 10,000 other users. In Real Account, dying means you and your followers die in real life. Without followers, you’ll die. As Aratu plays these death games, he meets Yuuma Mukai, a lookalike. This revelation changes events.

Ataru has one anonymous follower after his so-called friends betrayed him. Ataru must survive and complete these games in a virtual world where a single follower can mean life or death.

1. Liar Game

Liar Game - Manga Like Tomodachi Game

List Game is a manga like Tomodachi Game that has a really interesting and unique concept.

Nao Kanzaki’s name means “foolishly honest.” After opening a package containing 100 million yen, she accepts an invitation to the “Liar Game.” In this tournament, contestants have to betray and deceive opponents to win big money; losing incurs a lifetime debt. Her only hope is a con artist.

Shinichi Akiyama is freed on the same day. Nao believes this former psychology student is her only chance to escape her dire situation. Shinichi ignores Nao’s request to commit another crime. Seeing her desperation and persistence, he helps her.

Nao and Shinichi have motives in this fraudulent world. Soon, they see the game’s and everyone’s true nature.

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