10+ Best Anime Like Meiji Tokyo Renka You Must Watch!

10+ Best Anime Like Meiji Tokyo Renka You Must Watch!

Picture yourself as a lonely girl who can see spirits but has no real friends. Then, you’re transported back in time, and suddenly your unique ability becomes a fantastic gift. This is the plot of Meiji Tokyo Renka.

The main character of the show meets kind and incredibly talented guys in the anime, forming bonds with them. It’s similar to Ikemen Sengoku, but with a more modern twist as Western influences enter Japan.

Mei, the heroine, can use her abilities to assist the guys. If you enjoy a fantasy, reverse harem, or historical setting with a heroine surrounded by attractive characters, check out these 10 anime like Meiji Tokyo Renka!

List Of The Best Anime Like Meiji Tokyo Renka

11. Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time

Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, based on the PlayStation game by Ruby Party, follows Akane Motomiya, a typical Kyoto teenager.

One day, she hears a voice from an abandoned well, leading her to an alternate 10th-century Kyoto called Kyo. Here, she becomes Ryuujin no Miko, tasked with protecting the realm from Onis using her newfound purifying powers. Tenma and Shimon, two friends from Akane’s world, as well as six Kyo warriors chosen to be her bodyguards, are there to help her.

This series is an anime like Meiji Tokyo Renka with Kyoto as the setting, offering a fresh perspective. It delves deeper into themes of prejudice, using the battle against oni as a metaphor. Akane, like Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi, exemplifies goodness and bears the costs of her generosity because she feels it is right.

10. My Little Monster

Anime Like My Little Monster

Shizuku Mizutani prioritizes studying over making friends. Her teacher tasks her with delivering an assignment to Haru Yoshida, a classmate with a troubled past. Haru, who lacks friends and social understanding, immediately declares Shizuku as his friend. Together, they navigate human nature and high school life in this Comedy Slice of Life.

Despite their differences, Shizuku and Haru share unique quirks, adding humor to their story. Their journey involves not only typical high school challenges but also self-discovery and understanding complex emotions. Is it love? Friendship? Something entirely different? The high school romance’s hilarious and heartwarming exploration unfolds.

This is an anime like Meiji Tokyo Renka in terms of the rom-com aspect. However, it does not have a fantasy element.

9. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi, from a modest background, wins a scholarship to Ouran Academy, a school for the wealthy. An accident leaves her indebted to the Host Club, a group of elite boys. Thanks to her androgynous appearance, Haruhi becomes a club member and works to repay her debt.

Ouran Academy evokes nostalgia and parallels Pretty Boys Detective Club. While lacking in mystery, it boasts elements like affluent school life, an all-male club, a crossdressing female protagonist, reverse harem dynamics, and comedic fourth-wall-breaking humor. Each boy in both series embodies a distinct archetype, entertaining their audience, akin to the detective Bishounen. Both shows self-awarely embrace their tropes, providing a refreshing experience!

8. Kamisama Kiss


Kamisama Kiss is one of the best anime like Meiji Tokyo Renka, in the rom-com genre. Nanami Momozono is a high school girl facing a tough life due to her gambling father’s debts, which render her homeless. One day, she’s tricked into assuming the responsibilities of a god. Enter Tomoe, a fox demon and the previous god’s familiar, who initially distrusts her. Nanami strives to gain his trust and fulfill her newfound role as a goddess. Their relationship evolves with time, as they confront their feelings.

“Kamisama Hajimemashita” offers a supernatural romantic comedy with bishounen and youkai elements. Nanami and Tomoe’s banter is cute and reminiscent of Inuyasha and Kagome. Nanami’s kindness leads to humorous situations, while her optimism in the face of adversity is heartwarming. Witness Tomoe’s transformation from betrayal to affection for the goddess he now serves. Plus, Tomoe is one attractive fox demon, reason enough to watch!

7. Phantom in the Twilight

Phantom in the Twilight

Ton and Shinyao, close friends, embark on a new life in England, drawn by Ton’s great grandmother’s love for the place. Upon arrival, Ton’s luggage disappears, directing her to Café Forbidden, a business run by Shadows, representations of human fears. As they uncover Ton’s great grandmother’s connection to the enigmatic men there, the pieces start fitting together.

Unlike spirits in Meiji, these Shadows are handsome men themselves, with varying alignments. Ton’s determination wins them over. Some Shadows are vague spirits, while others are specific, like Dracula or Jack the Ripper. Although less rooted in history than Meiji, if you enjoy a story about a newcomer with magical powers and attractive guys, Phantom in the Twilight is worth checking out.

6. 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams

100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams

A young girl wakes up in a strange land where a talking stuffed animal calls her a princess. Navi, not a stuffed animal, alerts her to the different world. In this realm, a nation ruled by 100 princes is in danger from dream-eating monsters known as Yumekui. She’s the only one who can awaken them from their curse.

On her journey, she encounters many princes she rescues, and they, in turn, protect her. Together, they must travel the land and unite to defeat evil at its source.

This is an anime like Meiji Tokyo Renka that features a fantasy world, a girl with extraordinary powers, and charming guys. The heroines in both stories also struggle with amnesia. Yume Ookoku is a lighter, formulaic tale perfect for those who enjoy self-insertion and stunning magical kingdoms.

5. Nil Admirari no Tenbin

Nil Admirari no Tenbin

Tsugumi and her brother, despite a neglectful father, were always close. When her brother is engulfed in flames, she’s shocked. An organization called Fukurou reveals the existence of Maremono, books that drive readers to violence or self-harm. Tsugumi, who can see Maremono auras, joins Fukurou to protect innocent people. Eager to uncover her brother’s death, she steps into an unknown world.

With muted colors and a storybook-like art style, it creates a unique atmosphere. In this reality, the Taishou Era lasted 40 years, causing aristocratic decline and deadly Maremono born from negative emotions. Nil Admirari and Meiji involve government intervention in controlling spirits, relying on girls who can see them. Maremono are powerful but mindless spirits, not inherently evil.

4. Sengoku Night Blood

Sengoku Night Blood

Yuzuki, an ordinary girl, is unexpectedly transported to the Sengoku Era, thrust into a war to unite Japan. In this world, warlords are called Getsugazoku (vampire and werewolf-like creatures), and demons threaten all. Yuzuki’s unique blood possesses healing and power-boosting abilities, making her both a sought-after ally and a target.

This is an anime like Meiji Tokyo Renka that has a darker tone. Death is constantly present, and while Mei concentrates on finding spirits and being a good fiancée, warlords are kidnapping Yuzuki. If you enjoy romance intertwined with historical figures, Sengoku Night Blood offers a handsome cast and a supernatural twist, like an edgier relative of Meiji Tokyo Renka.

3. Code:Realize


A lonely girl, seen as a monster by villagers, desires eternal sleep in her rundown mansion. The royal guards force her to travel to the palace, fearing her threat. A gentleman thief and wild inventor rescue her. They reveal a terrorist group aims to use her power for evil, while they seek to stop them.

Gentleman thief Arsene Lupin and Army Surgeon Ougai Mori resemble each other in their instant connection with the heroine, overwhelming her with affection. Both Cardia and Mei weren’t used to such attention. In both stories, the heroine is saved and becomes a crucial ally with unique abilities. Mei, while easily flustered, shares Cardia’s desire to help others.

2. Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast For Spirits-min

Kakuriyo is an anime like Meiji Tokyo Renka where the female lead can see spirits. Aoi Tsubaki possesses the unique ability to see ayakashi, which is invisible to others. She learns to cook for them while her grandfather raises her.

After her grandfather’s passing, Aoi navigates college independently. When she shares her food with an ayakashi, she’s transported to the Hidden Realm, discovering her grandfather’s debt to an ogre-god, to which she’s collateral.

To repay the debt, Aoi opens a small eatery in the Hidden Realm, where her heartfelt cooking resonates with visitors. She uncovers mysterious memories of an ayakashi who once aided her. “Kakuriyo” is a charming slice-of-life, josei romance with a leisurely pace and adorable Ayakashi boys.

1. Kamigami no Asobi

Kamigami no Asobi

Yui’s family cares for a shrine, making her feel close to the gods. Unexpectedly, she hears a voice from an enchanted sword, transporting her to a school for gods. With the bond between gods and humans weakening, Yui faces a choice: either watch the world crumble or teach gods how to connect with humans.

This is an anime like Meiji Tokyo Renka, that is inspired by a visual novel game. While not based on real historical figures, the characters represent popular Greek, Japanese, and Egyptian gods. Both Mei and Yui share a supernatural connection that leads them to encounters with attractive guys!


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