Top 15 Anime About Computers & Tech That You Must Watch!

Top 15 Manga And Anime About Computers & Technology (Recommendation)

Japan holds the title of anime’s birthplace. It pioneers innovation, fusing art with technology. But how does technology shape anime plots? Check out these top fifteen anime series about computers, hacking, and other technological themes.

This list includes both movies and series that have something to do with IT or other concepts related to computers. While some of them might not be directly programming related, you are sure to find your information technology theme somewhere in the following shows.

List of the Best Anime About Computers, Hacking and Technology

11. Expelled From Paradise

Expelled From Paradise

Authorities in this drama label the protagonist as a security threat. An officer of the law named Angela assumes physical form after the hacker’s signal is found to have originated from Earth.

She transfers her consciousness to a clone body and descends to Earth’s surface to deal with the threat. The charismatic agent Dingo on Earth assists her.

As she works to solve the mystery of Frontier Setter, she progressively learns surprising truths about the wasteland that some people still consider their home.

10. Baldr Force Exe Resolution

Baldr Force Exe Resolution

In this film, Soma Toru is a member of the free-roaming hacker organization Steppen Wolf. As their final project, they target the UN soldiers’ database. He loses Nonomura Yuya, his teammate and friend, in the course of this attack.

The military takes custody of Toru. The idea behind the movie was for him to work for an anti-hacker outfit in exchange for being released.

9. Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance

The two boys, Nine and Twelve, who are the mask-wearing Sphinx characters, are the focus of this anime. A bizarre internet video causes widespread mayhem, and the movie demonstrates how the two leaders rule the online world.

They issue a direct challenge to the police, threatening chaos and devastation throughout Tokyo. They shouldn’t exist, yet they do, and they make the city crumble around them in the process, all in the name of burying their own awful truth.

This is an anime about computers where the main characters use their hacking skills to cause meaningful terrorism.

8. The Perfect Insider

The Perfect Insider

Sohei Saikawa, a member of the clever and technocratic Saikawa Research Lab, stars in this thriller and detective anime.

He meets his mentor’s daughter, Moe Nishinosono, on a research lab vacation. However, they unearth a body and become entangled in a bizarre serial murder case.

An animation with many intricacies to keep you fascinated by the case answer. The slow speed and heavy language make it unsuitable for action fans.

7. Psycho Pass

Top 15 Anime About Computers & Tech That You Must Watch!

The gritty anime series Psycho Pass imagines a dystopian Japan where programmers have built a society in which everyone’s behavior and propensity to commit crimes are constantly tracked by psychometric scanners, with fatal results.

All aficionados of science fiction should see it, but those who understand the true power of technology should see it much more so.

6. Summer Wars

Summer Wars

The movie, “Summer Wars”, is a science fiction anime about computers where the MC is a hacker.

A teenage Kenji Koiso is wrongly accused of being involved in the hacking of a virtual environment resembling Fortnite in this anime

Every programmer will be able to relate to the social commentary in the movie about the disparities between the analog and digital worlds.

5. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

“Ghost in the Shell,” known for its Scarlett Johansson-starring adaptation, is a cyberpunk sci-fi story set in futuristic Japan.

Serialized in 1989, it explores a cyber police’s battle against technologically-enhanced criminals and delves into AI concepts. While the story is not directly about programming, the tech theme is very obvious.

Everything in the show is heavily based on futuristic technology like artificial intelligence, etc.

4. Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil, a 26-episode 2000s anime, has a vintage graphic style. It is indirectly an anime about computers and technology thanks to the futuristic setting of the show.

The story takes place in Japan in 2026, eleven years following augmented reality’s breakthrough in visors and cyber spectacles.

Elementary school student Yiko Okonogi goes with her family to Daikoku, a cybertech hub. She will befriend Yuko and solve technical mysteries together.

Dennou Coil may seem detached and lighthearted due of its young characters. However, it is well-constructed and has deep and mature topics.

3. Steins;Gate


Steins; Gate is a popular time travel anime from spring 2011. It is the animated version of the visual novel game of the same name.

Rintaro Okabe leads the Futuristic Gadget Laboratory with his two childhood buddies. The trio’s single invention is a microwave that turns bananas into green sludge.

One day, Okabe, a time travel lover, attends a seminar. He will locate Makise Kurisu’s corpse here, starting everything.

The group will find the microwave more powerful than expected. It apparently sent texts through time. Soon after, they accidentally invent the first ever time machine.

Steins:Gate is upsetting yet good at computer science and physics. The hacker named Daru is one of the main characters who plays a vital role in the story. He is also an anime fan, so programmers who watch anime will like this series.

2. Battle Programmer Shirase

Battle Programmer Shirase

This is a 12-episode 2000s sitcom anime about computers and programming.

Akira Shirase, a gifted computer programmer, is often asked to hack ethically or unethically. The story centres around his tasks and programmer parodies.

A light, amusing, average anime containing ecchi moments. Recommended for clearing your mind without watching something heavy.

1. Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain

“Serial Experiments Lain” comprises 13 episodes and dates back to 1998. It’s known for its profound themes and complex plot.

The story follows Lain Iwakura, a unique girl who discovers the Wired, a global network resembling the Internet, revealing both knowledge and darkness.

This anime’s message is clear: technology has hidden dangers. It warns about the risks of technology and computers.

List of the Best Manga About Computers, Hacking and Technology

I know this article is titled “best anime about computers”, but I’m gonna go ahead and create a section for manga.

4. System Engineer (SE)

System Engineer (SE)

Oka swears he loves a girl, but that won’t happen, therefore he should forget about her and focus all of his attention on his burgeoning job. He is hired as a system engineer at Peach System Co. but quickly learns that the job entails more than just programming.

Momoka, a genius programmer of age, is in charge of developing, testing, and prototyping these items in order to develop the ideal smart hole. A really humorous and emotionally charged film, SE.

3. Ousamatachi no Viking

Ousamatachi no Viking

Manga called Ousamatachi no Viking was created by Fukami Makoto and Sadayasu. Koreeda Kazuki, a smart hacker who is solely proficient with computers, is 18 years old.

Sakai Daisuke, a wealthy guy who enters his meaningless life, makes him an offer he finds impossible to refuse: he will invest in Koreeda if Koreeda uses his skills to help him “conquer the world.”

2. Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday

This is one of the best manga about computers and hacking out there.

Takagi Fujimaru, a.k.a. “Falcon,” a brilliant high school student and hacker, uses his sophisticated hacking methods to expose the dishonest behavior of terrible characters in this film.

He battles the worst and most evil type of viral terrorism, “Bloody Monday,” in an effort to protect his family, friends, and the entire planet.

Although the story is epic, it is yet to get an anime adaptation.

1. Cloud


Cloud is a The central computer of the Tokyo Metro has been compromised in this animation. Cloud’s narrative starts amid the commotion caused by irate passengers and a stressed-out transport minister.

A black hat hacker who was a young prodigy now tries to realize his unachievable dream of building a kingdom in the skies.

That’s it for this post! These are all the top 15 manga and anime about computers & tech of all time!!

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