List of the Coolest Anime Characters Who Skateboard

List Of The Most Popular Anime Characters Who Skateboard

I think we all agree that skateboards are cool. Especially when a pro uses it with style and precision, it is impossible not to be captivated by it. In this article, I will be counting down some of the best anime characters that use skateboard and are skilled at it.

Some of these characters use it just for transport, while others use it as a weapon. Either way, they are hella cool to watch. So, if you’re looking for some neat skateboard users in anime, you’ve come to the right place!

List of the Coolest Anime Characters With Skateboards

  • Killua
  • Death the Kid
  • Reki Kyan
  • Ogun
  • Misaki Yata

1. Killua from Hunter X Hunter

Killua from Hunter X Hunter - Anime Characters Who Skateboard

Killua is one of the most iconic characters from the Hunter x Hunter series and uses skateboards. Most of the time, he uses it instead of walking, but sometimes he uses it to attack his enemies.

Throughout the series, Killua is portrayed as a fun character who plays with Yo-Yos and skates around freely. The fact that he is also one of the coldest assassins in the series makes his character all the more amazing.

As a person, Killua is a good boy and a loyal friend. However, his origin story is kind of sad and depressing. Since he is born into an assassin family, he is brutally trained from a very young age.

Regardless, his story got a happy ending when he finally defied his parents and quit being an assassin. He joins Gon on his adventures and helps him find his dad.

2. Death the Kid from Soul Eater

Death the Kid

Death the Kid is from the popular dark fantasy anime series Soul Eater. He is one of the side characters in the series that fans adore. He has OCD, and he wants everything to be perfect. Even a slightly tilted photo frame would make him go bonkers.

But despite that, he is also one of the most powerful characters in the series. After all, he is the son of death himself. As the series progresses, he eventually acquires the title of “Lord Death” from his father.

Kid’s go-to weapons are his dual pistols, which he uses to kill almost anything. He also has the ability to materialize skateboards and jet propellers, which he skillfully uses in battles.

But wait, his board is not a normal skateboard. It is a super special one called “Beelzebub” that can fly. To put it in simple terms, it enables Kid to skate in the air. Not only that, it is capable of moving at a speed of 300mph.

3. Reki Kyan from Skate the Infinity

Reki Kyan from Skate the Infinity - Anime Characters Who Skateboard

When we are talking about anime characters that use skateboards, there’s no way we can miss Reki. Reki is the main protagonist of the famous skating anime series “Skate the Infinity.”

He is a red-haired boy who is a pro at maintaining and creating skateboards. He is even capable of creating his own homemade skateboard because he knows everything there is to know about them.

However, he is not that good at skating itself. He is average, but he works hard to change that because he loves skateboarding.

What makes Reki so great is his ability to stay optimistic and determined even when the odds are stacked against him. Together with his newfound friend, Langa, he challenges several pro skaters in the series, which is thrilling to watch.

4. Ogun from Fire Force

Ogun from Fire Force

Ogun is one of the coolest characters in Fire Force. From his appearance to his style and personality, everything screams cool.

Especially his fighting style, which utilizes his skateboard, is just amazing. He is good friends with Shinra and Arthur, the main characters of the show. As a man, he is very trustworthy. He never betrays his friends, even if it means blindly trusting and lying for them.

As a member of the fire force, he is very capable and reliable. He is a true hero who only has one goal, and that is to protect the people of Tokyo. Ogun is also very skilled at using his fire-creation and manipulation powers. His ultimate move makes his character design even cooler because we can see lava-like stripes all through his body.

As far as his personality goes, he is very mature, responsible, and reasonable. He is very easy to work with, as he can adapt and coordinate with the team to take down powerful villains.

5. Misaki Yata from K

Misaki Yata from K - Anime Characters Who Skateboard

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this epic anime series called “K.” It has such a weird name, but its animation and plot are masterful. It is home to some of the coolest and baddest characters in anime, including Misaki Yata.

He is a character who uses his skateboard all the time. From traveling to attacking, his board is always a part of it. Now, this is far cooler when you actually watch the animation sequence than when you read this dry text.

Not to mention, the movement of the camera along with the chill background music will really make you fall in love with skateboarding.

Now, back to Yata. Yata is kind of a rude young fellow who is proud of himself yet insecure about his height. He has a soft spot for HOMRA, his gang, and is loyal to them. He dislikes his feminine-sounding first name and prefers to be called by his last name.

That’s it for this post! These are the most popular skateboard-using anime characters of all time.

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