Anime Where The Main Character Is Smart But Lazy

10+ Amazing Anime Where The Main Character is Smart But Lazy

Enjoy anime characters who are both intelligent and lazy? These characters are aloof and avoid activities that require them to put in effort, despite the fact that they are intelligent. The following are some of the best anime with smart but lazy anime protagonists.

Not all intelligent people are lazy. Some people are more lazy than they are intelligent. There are some characters in anime who are intelligent but don’t act like it. Anyway, let’s get started with the list, shall we?

Best Anime Where The MC is Smart But Lazy

  • Tanaka-Kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge
  • Himouto! Umaru-Chan
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Densetsu No Yuusha No Densetsu
  • Robotics;Notes
  • Oregairu
  • Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records
  • Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi No Kyoushitsu E
  • Utawarerumono: Itsuwari No Kamen
  • Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou No Alderamin
  • Hyouka

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Tanaka is lazy. The title accurately describes how listless he is. He would rather go hungry than risk grabbing food that was only slightly out of reach. Although he is more lazy than intelligent, he is still clever in his own way. He has a good understanding of situations and people. When there is no pressure on him, he is always uninterested.

This anime is also very relaxing to watch. Tanaka dozing off while the soothing music in the background is very understated, which will help you relax.

Himouto! Umaru-chan

Himouto! Umaru-chan

Everyone looks up to Umaru because she is the epitome of a flawless high school girl. She is revered as an angel due to her loving nature, as well as her intelligence, diligence, and kindness. On the other hand, she has a different side. When she’s in her own environment, she transforms into an entirely new person. At home, she is a pampered little girl who is an otaku and is extremely lazy and laidback.

Due to the fact that she is unwilling to participate in any activity, her older brother is required to take care of everything and attend to Umaru’s every requirement.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop - Anime Where The Main Character Is Smart But Lazy

The legendary anime series Cowboy Bebop is from the 1990s. Even after 20 years, this anime has still been able to keep its popularity within the anime community thanks to amazing characters and interesting plot.

Spike Spiegel, the main character of this show, is powerful and intelligent, but he is also lazy and laid back. Even though he is not as intelligent as Light Yagami or as lazy as Tanaka, he is a typical example of a slacker who goes about his business in a nonchalant manner.

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The main character of this anime, Ryner Lute, may, at first glance, appear to be a carefree guy who has no driving force behind his actions. However, this personality is merely a mask that hides the enormous burden that he is carrying on the inside. He is struggling under the weight of this burden every single day.

Because he carries the “alpha stigma,” he is prone to going completely insane and destroying everything in his path. After having killed several of his close friends, he is now somewhat motivated to try to save the world by searching for legendary artifacts that have the potential to bring an end to the wars that have been going on for a very long time.


Robotics;notes - Anime Where The Main Character Is Smart But Lazy

Robotics;notes was created by the author of Steins;gate. In this mecha anime, a group of children construct a robot and use it to save the world. Believe me when I say that despite how cliché and dull this may sound, it is not.

The main character, Kaito Yashio, is a slacker who is also witty, straightforward, and cynical. He has a level head and never seeks to flatter others. In spite of the fact that he is a member of the robotics club, he has absolutely no interest in actually constructing robots; however, he does enjoy playing an online robot fighting game.


Oregairu - Anime Where The Main Character Is Smart But Lazy

The story of Oregairu follows a group of antisocial students who have to join a charity club. One of the most interesting and original characters in anime is Hikigaya Hachiman. It’s entertaining to explore his beliefs, actions, and the results of those actions.

Hachiman is a narcissist who also has a semi-nihilistic outlook on life. He is a believer that the happy life of the youth is nothing but a big fat lie. And people are just lying to themselves.

Despite the potential damage to his reputation, he is skilled at finding solutions to difficult life problems.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

A lazy, unmotivated guy becomes a teacher. Guess what, it is Self-study time! But contrary to what you might think, the students were actually unhappy. After all, this is a reputed school that the MC is trying to teach. They’re no slackers.

The MC, Glenn Radars, lose students’ respect as a magic teacher.

He was indifferent towards magic and life in general. He rarely used magic and lacked motivation.

Glenn once purposely lost to a student which shows he prioritizes his laziness over his pride.

That said, Glenn was once a powerful mage and a veteran in war. This anime shows how he warms up to his students and battles evil.

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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

Classroom of the Elite

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is a typical example of a man who is unremarkable in any aspect of his life. However, the only reason that is the case is because he wants things to be that way. He is actually very intelligent and exerts his influence from a position of secrecy. Even though he isn’t exactly lazy, he seems to be perpetually bored, which may give him the impression that he is.

The MC attends an interesting school where academic performance is everything. They even have a point system based on which the students will have different freedom. In such, the MC chooses to get the bare minimum score and stay at the worst class possible. But why would he act in such a way? Who exactly is this Ayanokouji person? If you watch the anime, you will discover the solutions to your problems.

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen

Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kame

Utawarerumono is an underrated historical-fantasy anime series. A man who has no recollection of his past wakes up in an unfamiliar place and becomes the protagonist of this show.

Although he is slothful, he makes effective use of his brain to complete tasks more quickly. His personality and the story of this anime deserve a spot on this list, even though he has no choice but to be lazy in the second half.

The introductions of the characters in the anime start off with a humorous tone. The second half is bloody and violent. You won’t run out of things to watch anytime soon because its sequel is currently on the air.

Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin

Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin

Ikta Solork, who serves as the story’s primary protagonist, is at the center of the action in the war anime Alderamin on the Sky.

Despite being a solider, Ikta hates war. However, despite his obvious brilliance in the military, he is a complete sluggard at heart. As a result of this, he was got the nickname “the Lazy Invincible General.” His brilliant strategies make up for his sloppy physical abilities.

This is a rather underrated anime that hasn’t been talked about all that much to anyone’s knowledge. On the other hand, I am able to promise you that it will be well worth your time!


Hyouka - Anime Where The Main Character Is Smart But Lazy

The anime series Hyouka is a slice-of-life detective story in which friends solve mysteries at their school. It’s an anime with a main character who’s smart but also a slacker.

Houtarou Oreki is all about “energy conservation” and won’t engage in any activity unless it’s absolutely necessary.

He avoids physically demanding work. His participation in the classics club prompted him to look into a case that had been unsolved for forty-five years. Even though he is unmotivated and lazy, he is an excellent detective.

This slice of life and romance anime is very enjoyable to watch.

You’ve reached the end of the post! These were my top 10+ recommendation of anime where the MC is smart but lazy.

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