Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

15+ Greatest Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

Daily life of the Immortal king is one of the most popular chinese anime series that has an unbelievably overpowered main character. However, he hids his powers from almost everybody. If you liked this anime, here are 15+ greatest anime like The Daily Life Of Immortal King that you must watch!

The common theme between the daily life of immortal king and the following animes are mostly the overpowered MC, magic and other generic themes like High school, etc.

Best Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

  • Full-Time Magister
  • The Misfit Of The Demon King Academy
  • The Irregular At Magic High School
  • The King’s Avatar (Quanzhi Gaoshou)
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes
  • Classroom Of The Elite
  • Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor
  • The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.
  • One Punch Man
  • Yingxiong Zai Lin (Hero Return)
  • Da Wang Rao Ming (Spare Me, Great Lord!)
  • Banished From The Hero’s Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside
  • Chrome Shelled Regios
  • Charlotte
  • Spirit Chronicles

1. Full-Time Magister

Full-Time Magister - Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

Mo Fan, an aloof high schooler, finds himself in a parallel universe where magic replaces science. Here, the most capable students learn to cast spells to fend off large beasts in the city’s forests.

However, Mo Fan remains the son of a poor laborer and stepbrother to a crippled sister. Despite these disadvantages, he dreams of attending magic school to become a magician to repay his father’s hard work.

He enters a magic school. His poverty and lack of magic made him the school’s laughingstock. Regardless, he harnesses not only fire, but also lightning! What dangers will the dual-abilities mage face?

2. The Misfit of the Demon King Academy

The Misfit of the Demon King Academy

Humans and demons fought in the past, causing chaos and bloodshed. Contrary to popular belief, the demons were not evil in this case.

The Demon King Anos Voldigoad sacrificed his life to end the conflict and be reborn in peace.

Demons created the Demon King Academy to determine Anos’ identity when he gets reincarnated. Two millennia later, he reincarnates and discovers that the world’s magic has waned. Regardless, our MC is still overpowered even right after his rebirth.

When he enrolls at the academy to reclaim his title, demonkind remembers him differently. His personality, deeds, and legacy are all faked—masked by an impostor. This “lack” of common knowledge makes him an academy misfit never before seen.

Anos is unfazed by these setbacks. As he searches for those who changed his glorious past, he makes sure his descendants know he’s back.

3. The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular At Magic High School

Tatsuya Shiba, the protagonist of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, is widely regarded as one of the most powerful anime characters in history.

His overwhelming strength is just enormous; if he truly unleashes his real power, he is a god in his universe.

However, this is not the case here; he is unable to use his full potential. He only stays alive so that he can carry out his responsibilities as a member of the Yotsuba Clan and so that he can guard his sister Miyuki.

Sadly, even though he is Miyuki’s brother he is treated badly in the clan.

In the high school they enrolled, the students are grouped into two classes; blooms and weeds. Blooms are the ones with great magical potential whereas weeds are people without talent for magic.

Miyuki gets placed as a bloom and Tatsuya is labled a weed. However, they are unaware that the person who is standing in front of them is one of the most powerful characters in their world, feared by military around the world.

4. The King’s Avatar (Quanzhi Gaoshou)

The King’s Avatar - Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

Ye Xiu is widely recognized as a legendary video game player and is regarded as the game Glory’s undisputed master. But because of circumstances beyond his control, he is forced into retirement, and as a result, he is depressed and seeks employment at a nearby cafe.

Since nobody knows his real identity, even though he says that he used to be the legendary player of Glory, the cafe owner doesn’t believe him at first.

When Glory introduced its new servers, life presented him with a second opportunity, and Ye Xiu re-entered the game under a new alias. This time he has to start from scratch as he had to handover his previous account before he quit.

This is yet another Chinese anime on our list that is similar to The Daily Life of the Immortal King in that it features a main character who is overpowered and uses his strength to overcome obstacles.

5. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 - Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

Mob, also known as Kageyama Shigeo, is a young boy who has difficulty expressing himself but who also happens to be an extremely powerful esper. He is resolute in his goal to lead a typical life, and he supresses his ESP ability to do so.

He keeps his powers a secret from most people in his life. However, when the intensity of Mob’s feelings reaches its maximum, he loses control and unleashes powerful attacks.

What sort of thoughts will go through Mob’s head as he is surrounded by fake espers, evil spirits, and mysterious organizations? What decisions is he going to make?

6. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Ryner, the MC of this anime, is no ordinary soldier. He’s been called a monster his whole life because of his Alpha Stigma curse. This is because Alpha sigma makes him lose control and slaughter people.

Ferris is a lethal warrior with a sharp wit. Together, they search for Hero Relics, mystical artifacts that give their owners devastating supernatural abilities, to help their corrupt kingdom.

Ferris faces a volatile Ryner when he and two hunters wield ancient weapons. One move could spark a war for these heroes as enemies lurk in the shadows and mutiny looms.

7. Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite - Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

The real genius, the prodigy, is always alone; whether surrounded by people or not, there’s a gap that can’t be filled. This is exactly how the main character of this anime lives.

Classroom of the Elite follows our MC, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, as he attends a unique school.

Unlike normal schools, this school descriminates between students who perform well and those who don’t. However, they use this system as a reward and punishment method to finetune the youth.

Now, back to our MC. He is quiet and low-key, so he gets tangled up with students who think they’re superior without realizing that Ayanokouji is the real monster of a genius. But for some reason he pretends to be below average student.

Classroom of the Elite features a main character who manipulates people to do his bidding through a series of well-implemented schemes.

8. Akashic Records of B*stard Magic Instructor

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel are eager to become top magicians at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. However, their favorite teacher in the academy becomes unavailable due to some incident.

Their new teacher is the lazy, bumbling Glenn Radars. None of the students like his attitude at first. He’d rather sleep than teach, has no magical abilities, and drives Sistine crazy. As dark forces converge on the school, will this “b*stard teacher” reveal his true powers?

9. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. - Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

“The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” is a comedy-supernatural series that, like “The Daily Life of the Immortal King,” revolves around an overpowered main character.

Saiki is the MC of this show who tries to keep a low-key profile in high school. He only uses his powers when the situation demands it.

The series is just as hilarious as the Daily life of immortal king, with extremely entertaining side characters who, despite the protagonists’ natural reserve, make the series enjoyable to watch.

10. One Punch Man

one punch man - Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

Saitama’s unusual hobby is being a hero. He trained for three years and lost his hair in order to pursue his childhood dream. Because of this, he became super powerful.

No enemy can defeat Saitama in battle because he’s so strong. He has never been wounded after his training period, no matter how strong the enemy is.

In fact, being able to defeat evildoers with a single punch has made him bored of battle.

This changes when Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg, wants to be Saitama’s disciple. Genos proposes that the two join the Hero Association to become certified heroes, and Saitama, shocked that no one knows who he is, agrees. One Punch Man is an action-comedy about an eccentric man who longs to fight strong enemies and become popular in the process.

11. Yingxiong Zai Lin (Hero Return)

Yingxiong Zai Lin (Hero Return)

Yingxiong Zai Lin | Here’s another Chinese anime that’s similar to Daily Life of the Immortal King; the two share a lot of the same characteristics across the board. Five years before the beginning of the story, the very first hero ever to save the day appeared, defeated the villains, and then vanished afterward. Now that just looks like how Wang Ling defeated the Toad monster, but the credit goes to someone else, and it feels like he just vanished from the picture. Now, after five years had passed, the first hero, Lin Jie, had returned, and the story will follow his journey from this point forward.

12. Da Wang Rao Ming (Spare Me, Great Lord!)

Da Wang Rao Ming (Spare Me, Great Lord!)

Lu Shu was an abandoned child when this story begins. He is not an ordinary orphan but rather a metahuman who is witnessing the transformations taking place within himself, his nation, and the world at the beginning of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu, along with his sister, the lovable and magnetic Lu Xiaoyu, sets out on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities. Lu Xiaoyu is an endearing and charismatic character. Along the way, they will come across unexplainable occurrences, impediments, and even the most powerful people in their nation. How will Lu Shu make the most of his talents and overcome the never-ending list of opponents and competitors he faces?

13. Banished From The Hero’s Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside

Banished From The Hero'S Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside

The primary protagonist of this anime is kicked out of the hero’s party, just as the title of the show suggests they will be. One of his coworkers whines that he is too feeble to be in the hero’s party, and they continue to make fun of him. The MC is aware of his own limitations, and as a result, he has decided to leave the party.

His days of excitement came to an end as a result. On the other hand, a fresh start was in store for him. He made the decision to settle down in a sleepy little town at the very edge of the world, far removed from the bustle of everyday life.

He helps the villagers out by opening a drug store and generally just takes things easy. However, he finds himself in a difficult situation and is compelled to defend everything that he cares about.

14. Chrome Shelled Regios

Chrome Shelled Regios - Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

In a post-apocalyptic world where the wasteland is inhabited by enormous creatures known as Filth Monsters, there is a shimmering dome that protrudes from the ground. This is Zuellni, a mobile city with a consciousness in the form of “electronic fairies,” which sets it apart from other cities.

In addition, Zuellni is an academy where the next generation of powerful Heavens-Blade wielders congregate to compete against one another in various inter-platoon contests. Nina Antalk, a student at the military academy and the leader of the 17th Platoon, is dedicated to recruiting only the most qualified individuals.

As a result, when the enigmatic Layfon Alseif transfers to the school, she immediately recognizes his skills and concludes that he would make an excellent addition to her group.

However, this is only the beginning of all of their problems because Layfon joining the team is only the beginning of all of their troubles because he has a secret past that won’t leave him alone, and unknown powers beyond the academy are taking an interest in Zuellni.

15. Charlotte


Extremely few teenage boys and girls develop special abilities during their teenage years. Yuu Otosaka is one of these people and he uses his ability in a way that no one else knows about in order to have a successful academic career.

The following day, a young lady by the name of Nao Tomori suddenly materializes in front of him. Their run-in illuminates the path that lies ahead for those who wield extraordinary powers.

16. Spirit Chronicles

Spirit Chronicles - Anime Like The Daily Life Of Immortal King

Rio is a jaded orphan boy who lives in the slums. He has no family. At the tender age of seven, he comes to the startling realization that he is, in fact, the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a Japanese university student with a troubled history.

Rio is still reeling from the shocking realization that he possesses extremely potent magical abilities when he discovers that he also has them.

He uses his newfound abilities to help solve the case of a young girl who was kidnapped. His good deed is recognized, and as a reward, he is accepted into a prestigious academy for children of noble families?

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