10+ Best Teams in Haikyuu, Ranked

10+ Best Teams in Haikyuu, Ranked

All sports anime have skilled players that make the show exciting to watch. Similarly, there are amazing teams in Haikyuu too. These guys possess impressive abilities and strategies, keeping fans at the edge of their seats.

From Karasuno High School’s determined players to Aoba Johsai’s precise tactics, these teams have earned their spots as the best in Haikyuu. Each team showcases unique strengths and weaknesses, bringing suspense to every match as they strive for victory. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or simply curious about the best teams in Haikyuu, this article will introduce you to ten of the most formidable squads.

Which Teams Are Considered the Top 10 in Haikyuu?

Discover the crème de la crème of teams in the popular anime series Haikyuu. From powerhouse schools to underdog rising stars, this article explores the ten best teams that have captivated fans worldwide. Who made the cut and why? Jump into the next section to delve into the in-depth analysis of each team’s strengths, strategies, and memorable moments.

Top 10+ Strongest Teams in Haikyuu

1. Itachiyama Institute

Itachiyama Institute - Best Teams in Haikyuu

Itachiyama Institute is the strongest team in Haikyuu. They stand as a formidable force in the anime’s volleyball tournament. Popular for their exceptional accuracy and strategic play, the team consistently dominates matches. With a blend of skill and teamwork, they are the best in the game.

The team’s captain, Tsukasa Iizuna, is a brilliant setter. Itachiyama’s dynamic and cohesive playing style has earned them a reputation as one of the top teams in the series.

2. Inarizaki High School

Inarizaki High School - Best Teams in Haikyuu

Inarizaki High School is known for its versatility and strong lineup of players. Led by the Miya twins, Atsumu and Osamu, Inarizaki’s offense is a force to be reckoned with.

Their synchronized attacks combined with their strategic plays, make them a formidable team. Inarizaki’s ability to adapt and counter opponents’ strategies puts them among the top teams in Haikyuu.

3. Fukurodani Academy

Fukurodani Academy - Best Teams in Haikyuu

Fukurodani Academy is thought to be one of the best teams in Haikyuu, and its leader, Kotaro Bokuto, is very charismatic. Fukurodani always does a great job. They are known for their scoring plays and Bokuto’s strong spikes.

The team’s chemistry and drive make them a tough opponent, even though they aren’t always reliable. Fukurodani Academy always puts on a show with their fierce and never-give-up style of play.

4. Karasuno High School

Karasuno High School - Best Teams in Haikyuu

Karasuno High School is the main team in the Haikyuu series. Shoyo Hinata is the anime’s MC who is a key player in the team. People from Karasuno used to be a volleyball powerhouse and regular player in the Nationals. They were known for being tough and determined.

Karasuno has shown they can adapt, plan, and get through tough situations on and off the court by having skilled players like Tobio Kageyama, Yu Nishinoya, and Kei Tsukishima.

Karasuno goes through ups and downs in the series, but their love for the sport and growth as a team make them one of the best and most popular teams in Haikyuu.

5. Shiratorizawa Academy

Shiratorizawa Academy - Best Teams in Haikyuu

Shiratorizawa Academy is renowned for its powerful and dominant playing style. They are led by the strong Wakatoshi Ushijima and have won so many games. They are known as “The Strongest Team in Miyagi Prefecture.”

Shiratorizawa is a powerful group because Ushijima is exceptionally strong and they are always striving for success. They are very strong on the floor and always want to do their best, which makes them a tough opponent for any team.

6. Nekoma High School

Nekoma High School - Best Teams in Haikyuu

Nekoma High School is known for its outstanding defensive skills and tactical plays. Nekoma, who is led by Tetsurō Kuroo, the “Scheming Captain,” is great at mind games and scoring points with quick strikes.

Their fierce rivalry with Karasuno shows how well they can predict what their opponents will do and then change their strategy accordingly. Nekoma is a recognized team in the world of Haikyuu because of how disciplined and smart they play.

7. Aoba Johsai High School

Aoba Johsai High School

Aoba Johsai High School, also known as Seijoh, is one of Karasuno’s biggest rivals. Seijoh has become a strong team thanks to its skilled setter, Hajime Iwaizumi, and its skilled spiker, Tooru Oikawa.

Aoba Johsai’s fights against Karasuno are always intense and interesting because of how well they work together and plan their moves. They are a force to be reckoned with because they work hard at training and can perform plays perfectly.

8. Date Tech High School

Date Tech High School

Date Tech High School, also known as the “Iron Wall,” prides itself on its strong defense. Led by the towering blocker, Aone Takanobu, Date Tech’s blocking abilities are unparalleled.

Their solid defense and powerful spikes make them a challenging opponent. Date Tech’s focus on their strengths and their ability to disrupt opponents’ attacks have earned them a place among the best teams in Haikyuu.

9. Kamomedai High School

Kamomedai High School

Kamomedai High School is a team known for its disciplined and well-rounded play style. Led by their ace, Hoshiumi Kourai, Kamomedai excels in both offense and defense.

They showcase exceptional skills and adaptability, making them a challenging team to face. Because Kamomedai is well-balanced and has strong fundamentals, they can fight at a high level with any team.

10. Johzenji High School

Johzenji High School

Johzenji High School is known for its distinct playing style and energetic atmosphere. Led by their captain, Terushima Yuuji, Johzenji is a team that thrives on creating chaos on the court.

Their unorthodox strategies and unpredictable movements often catch opponents off guard. Johzenji is a unique and interesting team in Haikyuu because of their high energy and out of the box plays.

11. Wakutani South High School

Wakutani South High School

Wakutani South High School is known for its synchronized attacks and indomitable spirit. Takeru Nakashima is the captain of Wakutani South, and the team focuses on their strong offense to beat their opponents.

They make a strong team because they can work together well and are determined to never give up. Wakutani South is a strong team in the Haikyuu world because they don’t give up easily.

In Haikyuu, there are 44 high school volleyball teams that compete in the world of competition. And these are just the top 11 among them.

FAQs – 10 Best Teams in Haikyuu

What teams are considered the top 10 in Haikyuu?

  1. Itachiyama Institute
  2. Inarizaki High School
  3. Fukurodani Academy
  4. Karasuno High School
  5. Shiratorizawa Academy
  6. Nekoma High School
  7. Aoba Johsai High School
  8. Date Tech High School
  9. Kamomedai High School
  10. Johzenji High School

Which team is known as the “Flightless Crows”?

The “Flightless Crows” is Karasuno High School’s team name. They were on a losing streak which earned them this name.

What makes Inarizaki High School team notable?

The team at Inarizaki High School is known for having a strong lineup with skilled players like Atsumu and Osamu Miya who work well with others.

They also have a unique cheerleading group that plays a traditional Japanese instrument called a taiko drum. This adds to their energy and team spirit.

Why is Shiratorizawa Academy regarded as a powerful team?

Shiratorizawa Academy is known for having an amazing ace player named Wakatoshi Ushijima. He is very strong and very good at hitting.

They are a tough opponent because they put a lot of stress on power and Ushijima is the best at the game.

What sets Karasuno High School apart from other teams?

Karasuno High School stands out due to its determination, growth mindset, and powerful individuals like Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama.

The team’s underdog status and their ability to overcome challenges, adapt to new techniques, and work together as a unit make them a fan-favorite.


The ten best teams in Haikyuu each had their own strengths and traits that made them stand out. Some of the teams were Karasuno, Nekoma, and Aoba Johsai. Each had its own strategy and great players.

Karasuno’s drive and ability to work together helped them get through tough times and develop as a group. Nekoma was a tough opponent on the court because they had great coordination and a good defense.

Aoba Johsai, led by the skilled setter Oikawa, showed off their tactical moves and flexibility in a range of conditions. Other teams, such as Shiratorizawa, Fukurodani, and Inarizaki, showed off their amazing attacking and defensive power.

Overall, these teams showed what Haikyuu is all about and taught us important lessons like friendship, persistence, and the joy of always trying to get better.

The show kept people interested with intense fights and touching moments that made us remember how important it is to work together and be dedicated. Haikyuu has definitely made an effect that will last. It has motivated fans to follow their dreams and do their best in everything they do.

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