How To Watch Haikyuu In Order: Complete Guide

How To Watch Haikyuu In Order: Complete Guide

Are you a fan of the anime series Haikyuu and want to watch it in the correct sequence? Look no further! This article provides a simple guide on how to watch Haikyuu in order of chronology.

Whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan, this guide will help you navigate through the seasons and episodes in a clear and organized manner. By following this order, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the character development and storyline of Haikyuu. So, let’s dive in and explore the right way to watch Haikyuu!

How can I watch Haikyuu in chronological order?

Haikyuu!! is a wildly popular sports anime and manga series that follows the journey of a high school volleyball team. As the episodes and seasons progress, it is important to watch Haikyuu in the correct order to fully understand and appreciate the story. But how exactly can you do that?

In the next part of this article, we will discuss the recommended order to watch Haikyuu, ensuring that you won’t miss any crucial details or character development. So, stay tuned to discover the best way to enjoy the epic volleyball battles and camaraderie in Haikyuu!

How to Watch Haikyuu in Order

How to Watch Haikyuu in Order

Haikyuu is a popular sports anime series that revolves around the exciting world of high school volleyball. If you’re a fan of this adrenaline-pumping show and want to watch it in the correct order, here’s a simple guide to help you navigate through the various seasons and episodes.

1. Start with Season 1

The first step in watching Haikyuu in order is to begin with the first season. Season 1 introduces us to the main characters, Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio, as they join Karasuno High School’s volleyball club and strive to become champions.

This season comprises of 25 episodes, which lay the foundation for the story.

2. Move on to Season 2

After completing the first season, it’s time to delve into Haikyuu Season 2. This season continues the journey of Karasuno High School’s volleyball team as they face tougher opponents and strive to improve their skills.

Season 2 comprises of 25 episodes and showcases the growth and development of the main characters.

3. Enjoy Season 3 – Karasuno High VS Shiratorizawa Academy

Once you’ve finished Season 2, it’s time to jump into Season 3, which is known as “Karasuno High VS Shiratorizawa Academy.” This season features a thrilling match between Karasuno and their fierce rivals, Shiratorizawa Academy.

Season 3 is relatively shorter than the previous seasons, consisting of only 10 episodes. It focuses on the intense showdown between the two teams.

4. Watch The OVA – Land vs. Air

To watch Haikyuu in order of release, you must watch Haikyuu!! Riku vs. Kuu next. Also known as “Land vs. Air”, this is an entertaining side story. This is a 2 episode OVA series with around a total of 1 hour runtime.

This OVA will talk about the Tokyo Qualifiers where your favorite Haikyuu teams fight for the remaining 3 spots.

5. Continue with Season 4 – To the Top

After the epic battle in Season 3, the story of Haikyuu continues with Season 4, titled “To the Top”. This season is divided into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1 comprises of 13 episodes and showcases Karasuno’s journey in the Spring High School Volleyball Nationals.

Part 2, which is scheduled to be released in October 2020, will continue where Part 1 left off.

6. Watch the Sequel Movie – Battle of the Garbage Dump

Haikyu!! Movie: Battle of the Garbage Dump is an upcoming movie set to release in Feburary 16, 2024. This will be the direct sequel to the “To the Top” arc.

According to MyAnimeList, the movie will have 2 episodes, meaning it might be released in 2 parts. Since this sequel movie is yet to release, we don’t the plot yet.

But given the title of the film, it will be the match between Karasuno and Nekoma.

5. Watch the OVAs and Specials

In addition to the main seasons, Haikyuu also has several OVAs (Original Video Animations) and specials that provide additional content and backstory for the characters.

These include “Haikyuu!!: vs Akaten”, and other summary movies. While these OVAs and specials are not crucial to the main storyline, they offer enjoyable extra content for fans of the series.

Haikyuu offers an exhilarating sports anime experience that captures the passion and determination of young athletes. By following this guide, you can ensure that you watch Haikyuu in the correct order, immersing yourself in the captivating world of high school volleyball.

According to recent statistics, Haikyuu has gained a massive following, with millions of fans worldwide eagerly following the adventures of Karasuno High School’s volleyball team.

FAQs: How To Watch Haikyuu In Order

FAQs: How To Watch Haikyuu In Order

1. How many seasons of Haikyuu are there?

There are four seasons of Haikyuu, each with a different title. They are named “Haikyuu!!”, “Haikyuu!! Second Season”, “Haikyuu!! Third Season”, and “Haikyuu!! To The Top”.

2. What is the recommended order to watch Haikyuu?

The recommended order to watch Haikyuu is in chronological order: start with “Haikyuu!!”, followed by “Haikyuu!! Second Season”, then “Haikyuu!! Third Season”, and finally “Haikyuu!! To The Top”. This order will ensure a sequential viewing experience.

3. Where can I watch Haikyuu?

You can watch Haikyuu on various streaming platforms, including Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. These platforms offer both subbed and dubbed versions of the anime series.

4. Is it necessary to watch the previous seasons before “Haikyuu!! To The Top”?

Yes, it is recommended to watch the previous seasons before starting “Haikyuu!! To The Top”. The story and character development build upon previous events, so watching in order will provide a better understanding of the plot and relationships.

5. Is Haikyuu suitable for all ages?

Yes, Haikyuu is suitable for a wide range of audiences, including older children and adults. It is a sports anime with themes of friendship, teamwork, and perseverance.


To watch Haikyuu in order, start with Season 1, followed by Season 2 and then Season 3. After completing these, move on to the Haikyuu movies and OVA episodes for more content. The recommended watch order ensures a coherent and enjoyable viewing experience. Remember to follow the chronological release order rather than the chronological order within the story itself.

Watching Haikyuu in the correct order helps you understand the characters’ growth, relationships, and the epic volleyball matches they engage in. By following the suggested order, you can fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of Haikyuu and appreciate the story’s progression. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the exciting journey of Hinata and his teammates as they strive for victory on the volleyball court.

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