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10+ Most Popular UnOrdinary Characters You Need To Know!

Unordinary is one of the most popular superhero themed webtoon right now. It has a very interesting plot and a bunch of amazing charaters. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top eleven most popular Unordinary characters.

This list will have information on the character’s abilities, personality and a couple of other trivia. It should also be noted that are quite a few MAJOR SPOILERS in this list, so read it at your own discretion.

List of the popular UnOrdinary Characters

There are dozens of characters in Unordinary. However, only a few of them play a major role in the plot. In this list, I’ve added some of the major characters from the webtoon.

They are ranked according to their impact on the overall story, but it is based on my opinion. So if your favorite character is ranked lower, know that it doesn’t really mean anything.

  1. Seraphina
  2. John
  3. Arlo
  4. Remi
  5. Blyke
  6. Isen
  7. Claire
  8. Elaine
  9. Cecile
  10. Darren
  11. Adrion

1/11. Seraphina

Seraphina - unordinary characters

Seraphina is the main female character of the Unordinary webtoon series. She was the number-one ranked student and the most powerful person in the Wellston academy.

She is also a good friend of John’s and has looked after him while others have tried to bully him because he is powerless.

Seraphina is smart, beautiful, and most importantly a kind person who has all the qualities to be called the goddess of the Unordinary series.

Powers and Abilities:

Seraphina has the ability to control time, which lets her stop time, turn it back on itself, and even heal herself.

2/11. John


John is the main male character of the Unordinary series. He is a mysterious dude who is powerless in a world where everyone has some kind of power. He had a rough time at school as he was a “cripple,” and other students drunk on their power would beat him up for no reason.

However, John is no pushover either. He is skilled in martial arts and can easily take down low-tier and some mid-tier students with just his fists and brain.

But there is something more about him… I’m not going to spoil it for you if you haven’t gone that far yet, but let’s just say that it is a plot changing fact.

Powers and Abilities:

Initially, John makes everyone believe that he is a cripple and has no abilities. However, it is later revealed that he has one of the strongest powers in the entire series. He has the Aura manipulation ability, with which he can copy the powers of others, amplify it and use it as his own. He is also capable of copying multiple abilities at the same time.

3/11. Arlo

Arlo - unordinary characters

Arlo was the king of the Wellston Academy. He was crowned as the most powerful male student and given the title of a king.

Initially, his actions might make the readers think that he is an asshole, but as the series goes on, we get to see that he is actually far better than what we were led to think.

He is rational and has a great attachment to the hierarchy of the school, and he makes sure that every student acts according to the rank assigned to them.

His backstory and character development, in particular, make him one of the most beloved characters in Unordinary.

Powers and Abilities:

Arlo’s ability is “Barrier.” He is able to create a defensive barrier that is pretty much unbreakable. He also uses it offensively by using it as a force field to trap people within the barrier and crush them.

4/11. Remi


Remi was crowned queen of the Wellston Academy after Seraphina. She is a very sweet girl with a kind personality.

However, that doesn’t mean she is weak. Remi is an extremely strong-willed and determined individual. She treats everybody with respect, regardless of their rank in the school.

She did everything in her power to set things right when the academy was going bonkers after a series of terrifying incidents.

Remi is one of the most responsible Royals at Wellston Academy, in my opinion, and she deserves all the praise and attention she has been getting from her classmates.

Powers and Abilities:

Remi has the Lightning manipulation ability. She is able to create her own lightning and manipulate electricity in her surroundings. She is also capable of making herself faster with this power.

5/11. Blyke

Blyke - unordinary characters

Blyke is one of the characters in Unordinary who has a huge character development. At the beginning of the story, he was the Jack of Wellston Academy and was pretty rough and unfriendly to those below him.

However, after the hierarchy in the school was shaken, he understood just how powerless he was. He went through life-threatening training sessions and became more powerful. Not to mention, he began treating people with respect and kindness.

Powers and Abilities:

Blyke’s ability is “Energy Discharge.” He is capable of creating energy beams that penetrate through his opponents. He is also able to propel himself with the beams by changing its intensity level.

6/11. Isen


Isen was the leader of the press team at the Wellston academy. He is very skilled at gathering information, which makes him the perfect person to lead the press. Not to mention, he is also a smart character.

Isen used his influence to find out about John’s past and dig up some information about Ember and the Authorities.

He was also one of the top 10 powerful students in the Wellston academy which made him an important figure in the school.

Powers and Abilities:

Isen’s ability is “Hunter.” It allows him to use a variety of skills like x-ray vision, physical enhancement, speed boost, and a ton of other combat-related skills.

7/11. Claire

Claire - unordinary characters

Claire is one of John’s friends from middle school. She is a very kind and supportive character who did everything she could to make John stronger.

She used her future vision ability to help John grow more than he could’ve possibly imagined. However, things fell out when John became a defiant delinquent.

Claire always wanted the best for everyone, so she ended up making some bold moves against John. But that left half her schoolmates injured and John expelled.

Powers and Abilities:

Claire has the Clairvoyance ability. She is able to randomly look into the future. However, she does not have any control over its activation.

8/11. Elaine


Elaine is one of the good looking female characters in Unordinary. She is a supporting character who excels at healing others.

Elaine was someone who did not care about the weaker ones. When she first saw John, she was talking with him normally until she found that he was powerless. After that, she just became silent and left. She clearly showed dislike towards him just because he was weak.

She is also Seraphina’s roommate, and she really cares about her.

Her role in the story may not be major, but she does take part in several critical chapters of the story.

Powers and Abilities:

As I mentioned before, Elaine’s ability is “Healing.” She is capable of healing wounds, but she has limitations on how much she can heal. If the damage is too heavy, she cannot completely heal it.

9/11. Cecile

Cecile - unordinary characters

Cecile is one of the most cunning and emotionless characters in Unordinary. She is the leader of the press club and was also a former Jack at the Wellston Academy.

Cecile is very cold hearted and only cares about her own agenda. She didn’t think twice before sending out news releases that harmed Seraphina and made her life more difficult. After that, she still used Seraphina’s name to manipulate John to do what she wanted.

Powers and abilities:

Her ability is “conjure: vines,” which allow her to create energy vines and manipulate them. She is also capable of turning them into sharp, dagger like forms.

10/11. Darren


Darren is one of the side characters in Unordinary who works as the medic at the Wellston Academy. Since the school gets violent and dangerous from time to time, it is Darren’s job to take care of any injured students.

He dislikes the fact that he has to take care of many injured students in a day and wishes that the school was more peaceful. Because of this, he is grumpy most of the time and talks his mind to students who get injured. That said, he is kind and takes care of every one of his patients.

Darren is one of the cool “sensei” characters who has dark circles under his eyes because of his tiredness.

Powers and abilities:

Darren has a unique ability called “Nightmare.” He can use it to scare people off.

11/11. Adrion

Adrion - unordinary characters

The final character in this list is Adrion, one of John’s friends from middle school. John, Claire, and Adrion were a team that grouped up together because they were weak. They navigated their middle school lives together as a team and survived being bullied badly.

He also helps John train by confronting him in practice fights. However, after John grew stronger than him and became more tyrannical, he called the Authorities and made John get expelled from the New Bostin Academy.

Powers and abilities:

Adrion has the “Physical Augmentation” ability. It is a very generic power that helps him enhance his physical body.

FAQs About UnOrdinary Characters


UnOrdinary is a hit webtoon with multiple seasons and hundreds of chapters. Some fans have questions about the characters from the series that I think I can answer.

So in this section, I’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Unordinary characters.

Does Seraphina like John?

Seraphina clearly cares about John. While it is clearly not revealed whether she has romantic feelings or not, it is very obvious that John really means something to her. Maybe she views him as a friend, maybe she hasn’t even realized that she’s in love with him. Either way, their relationship is more wholesome than any other.

Is John the villain in UnOrdinary?

John is kind of a villain, but is also just another victim. The thing about Unordinary is that some characters cannot be classified as good or evil. While John might’ve done some villainous stuff, it was only because of how he was treated. So, he is neither a villain or a hero, in my opinion.

What is John weakness in UnOrdinary?

John’s biggest weakness is that he cannot copy abilities if his opponents did not activate their powers. He would be completely powerless and outmatched if multiple foes ganged up on him without activating their abilities.

Is Seraphina stronger than John?

This is a tough question to answer. Sera can stop time and ambush him. Easy win. But, if John gets a whiff of Sera’s aura, then he would copy it and amplify it so that he could win. However, we also know that John cannot copy all abilities. So, if Sera’s time manipulation ability is something that he can’t copy, then Seraphina is stronger than John and would win fairy easily.

How many abilities can John use at once?

John can use four abilities at once. He has trained himself to increase the number of abilities he could copy and hold at once, but four is the maximum he could handle at this time.

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