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Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Characters From Orient Anime

Hello and welcome to Anime Roshi! In today’s article, I will be counting down some of the best female characters from Orient anime series.

The Orient anime is known for its fast-paced fantasy storyline and has gained a decent fanbase. The diversity and depth of the characters in the series contribute to its appeal.

Among the many female characters, there are a select few that stand out for their beauty and charm. Not only do these characters look good, but they also have interesting personalities and interesting backstories.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 most beautiful female characters in the Orient anime. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the series, these are the characters you should know. Join us as we take a closer look at these notable women from the series.

List Of The Top 10 Best Girls From Orient Anime Series:

  1. Tsugumi
  2. Michiru
  3. Obsidian Goddess
  4. Nanao Inusaka
  5. Kuroko Usami
  6. Mitsuru Osafune
  7. Miroku Inumura
  8. Tsubame Hattori
  9. Shunrai Yamamoto
  10. Sanae Satsukigawa

10/10. Sanae Satsukigawa

Sanae Satsukigawa -  Female Characters From Orient

Sanae is one of the most devoted followers of Katsumi and one of the best members of the Amako Bushi band. She does not have much screentime, but when she does, she seems to be jealous of other characters who act all chummy with Katsumi.

As for her fighting prowess, she is the second strongest member in the group, next to Katsumi. She is also one of the very few characters who wears glasses in the anime.

9/10. Shunrai Yamamoto


The Takeda Bushi Band counts Shunrai as one of its most important members. She is an upbeat and strong person who always makes an effort to have a positive attitude and look on the bright side of any circumstance.

Because of who she is as a person, she has quickly become a fan favorite, despite the fact that she did not have any significant parts in the first season of the anime.

Shunrai can be identified by the scar that runs across her breast, which shows her courage and resilience as a Bushi.

8/10. Tsubame Hattori

Tsubame Hattori -  Female Characters From Orient

Tsubame is the big sister of Tsugumi. According to Tsugumi, her big sister was a very brave Bushi who fought to protect the people she loved.

Sadly, Tsubame is no longer alive, and she only shows up during Tsugumi’s flashback episodes. Despite this, Tsugumi never forgets her big sister’s courage and sacrifices.

During her time alive, she spent a lot of time giving valuable life advice to Tsugumi and imparting wisdom that Tsugumi still carries with her.

7/10. Miroku Inumura

Miroku Inumura

Miroku has not yet been introduced in the anime, but she is a known female character from the Orient manga series.

She was one of the Obsidian Eight, who played a major role in the war that occurred 15 years ago. She worked along with Shiro, Kazumasa, and Sojiro during that time.

6/10. Mitsuru Osafune

Mitsuru -  Female Characters From Orient

In Orient, Mitsuru is a hot blacksmith character that only appears in a couple of episodes. She doesn’t appear too often after that. Despite this, her bold personality and her physically impressive figure have won over the hearts of a great number of people.

The fact that she does not wear any pants or a skirt on top of her undergarments makes her a very courageous woman as well. Her body is covered in scars as a result of the fights she has been in, and she is not ashamed to display them as a sign of her resilience.

She appeared to be a trustworthy blacksmith who was held in high regard by her colleagues, despite the fact that this is not made clear in the anime.

5/10. Kuroko Usami

Kuroko Usami

Kuroko is an attractive looking female character in Orient who is a part of the Uesugi band. She is a sound strategist who won the war against Seiroku with her tactics.

She is also a profound fighter, and she has a scar running across her face. Regardless, she remains beautiful and confident in her own right.

Kuroko is also kind and understanding when the time comes. This is evident when she treats Musashi and Mitsuru with kindness while they are being pursued by the villains.

4/10. Nanao Inusaka

Nanao -  Female Characters From Orient

Nanao, a character from the Orient anime series, is a fan favorite among many viewers. She serves as a maid to the main character, Shirou, but is not your typical domestic worker.

Nanao is a skilled bushi, or warrior, who fights to protect Shirou and follows his commands. Even though she is on the side of the bad guys, she never changes her mind about what she believes and stays loyal to Shirou.

Nanao is one of the strongest female characters in the Orient anime series. Her unique personality and fierce fighting skills make her one of the best female characters in the series.

3/10. Obsidian Goddess

The Obsidian Goddess

The Obsidian Goddess is the most important female characters in Orient. She is the central figure in the conflict that plagues the world. Both the Kishin’s supporters and the Bushi band, who have vowed to kill all Kishin, are after her because she possesses the ability to defeat the Kishin.

She does not exist in a physical form, instead, she possesses other individuals, and in the case of the protagonist, Musashi, she grants him exceptional abilities.

At first, the Obsidian Goddess was seen as a dangerous bad lady, but as the story goes on, it becomes clear that she is actually a good woman that helps Musashi realize his full potential and reach his goals.

2/10. Michiru


In the Orient anime series, Michiru is a memorable female character that leaves a lasting impression.

Initially, she is presented as a princess who is rescued by the protagonist, Musashi, from the grasp of a Kishin.

As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Michiru is the child of one of the antagonists and was tasked with tracking down and killing Musashi in order to receive the powers of the Obsidian Goddess.

Despite this, Michiru develops genuine feelings for Musashi’s compassionate nature and chooses to disobey her father and ultimately sacrifices herself to protect him.

1/10. Tsugumi

Tsugumi -  Female Characters From Orient

Tsugumi is one of Orient’s strangest, yet most distinct female characters. She starts off as a bad girl who tries to steal from our main protagonists. She even goes as far as stripping off her clothes in order to catch Kojiro off guard.

However, it was later revealed that she was actually a good person at heart. She was only doing what she did because of her master’s orders.

Musashi helped her get over her fear of her master so she could beat him when he tried to kill all of the civilians in his castle to keep his honor.

That’s it for this article. These are the top 10 best female characters from the Orient anime and manga series.


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