weeb words you must know as anime fans

25+ Weeb Words you Must Know As an Anime Fan

If you are an anime fan, it is inevitable that you are going to have to learn some new weeb words. Most of them are Japanese words, and a couple of them are newly created words by our weeb predecessors. Either way, these are usually simple, easy to understand and use terms that every anime fans should understand.

Of course, you might say, “I watch in English dub, why should I care?” Well, if you want to dive deep into the anime community, you really can’t make any progress without knowing the below terms. Or if you prefer being a casual watcher, you really don’t have to bother.

I guess that was enough intro to annoy you guys, so let’s jump into the list of the 28 most commonly used weeb words of all time!

Most Commonly Used Weeb Words Of All Time

Waifu – Most Popular Weeb Word

must know weeb words

When a Japanese person try to say “wife”, they pronounce it as “waifu”. Such is the origin of this weeb word.

A waifu is a Japanese word that refers to the ideal female of anime fans. A lady that every weeb aspires to have and a woman that every weeb requires.

However, the word “Wife” in Japanese is actually “Tsuma” or “Sai”.

Desu – Weeb Word That Weebs Love

Desu - must know weeb words

Desu roughly translates to “it is”. While weebs may believe they are knowledgeable because they use it at the end of every sentence, this is not the case. It might appear that using it after each statement is acceptable in Japanese; yet, the use of it while one is speaking is considered to be one of the gravest offenses in the world.

One particular Urban Dictionary user expresses themselves with some colorful language about the topic, which reflects the intensity with which they feel about it. Good for him, desu.

Senpai – Most Used Weeb Word

Senpai - must know weeb words

A person who is considered to be an upperclassman is referred to as a senpai; however, the phrase can also be used to designate a teacher or a senior student.


Sensei - must know weeb words

Sensei means “teacher.” A respectful title given to someone who is instructing you on something.

Baka – A Must Know Weeb Word

Baka - must know weeb words

Baka is a Japanese word that can mean “dummy,” “idiot,” “stupid,” or “dumb.” It is versatile enough to be utilized by practically any kind of character. Typically employed in response to an idiotic action taken by another person.


Manga - must know weeb words

It is somewhat unfair to include this on this list; yet, considering that literally everyone who watches anime occasionally uses the word “manga,” there is no reason not to include it. Also, in the off chance that you were unaware, manga is the term for the comics that are produced in Japan.

People who are not familiar with manga are missing out on a lot of the entertainment that is there. And those who claim they are nothing more than normal comics have obviously never read one. Just wait until they finish reading that Death Note!


must know weeb words

“Onee-san” translates to “big sister.” Characters holding the role of big sister in manga and anime are typically depicted as wise, level-headed, and responsible adults who occasionally like playing pranks on younger male characters.

And of course, the level of their maturity is a significant factor in the hentai (along with their other big ol’ stuff – oppai.)


Doujinshi - must know weeb words

A self-published comic, magazine, or novel is known as a doujinshi (often shortened to doujin). In this section, the artists are given permission to use ideas and concepts from other well-known sources, such as anime, in order to create their own parody. Additionally, there are original doujin, in which the artist employs their very own creations for both the characters and the locations.

Most importantly, Doujins are primarily adult content.

Kawaii – Cutest Weeb Word

Kawaii - must know weeb words

Kawaii means cute. Simply conducting a search on Google will yield a great number of results. (Kanna-chan, the Dragon Maid from Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is my favorite character.)


Tsundere - must know weeb words

A character who possesses more than one characteristic is referred to as a tsundere in Japanese. The character is typically a woman and has a chilly and unapproachable demeanor when first introduced; however, she may go through a progression storyline in which a warmer aspect of her personality is shown.


Yandere - must know weeb words

A yandere is a crazy person who will kill almost anyone for the person they are obsessed with. This person will do anything for that person. Why is it that such a large number of individuals are drawn to it? To that, I’ve really no idea.

Nani – You’ve definitely heard this weeb word!

Nani - must know weeb words

This is the word that you are most likely more familiar with than any of the others on this list. What does it mean to say “nani”? Well, it just means “what.” This word gained some notoriety as a result of the internet meme known as “Fist of the North Star,” which is still widely circulated and enjoyed by weebs all over the world.



“Neko” translates to “Cat” in Japanese. On the other hand, “nekomusume” in the anime context alludes to cat (neko) girls (musume). These neko figures have ears and tails that resemble those of cats. They use a language that is similar to that of cats by appending the suffix “-nya,” which is the Japanese term for the sound that a typical cat makes, to every possible word.



Dont attack me. I am well conscious of the fact that this word does not exist and has no significance. However, due to the overwhelming number of Naruto fans that are a part of this community, I feel obligated to include this as an honorary entry on the list.

In spite of the fact that it is not a legitimate Japanese word, Dattebayo can be translated as “BELIEVE IT.” when our MC says anything like this.

Omae wa shinderu – Meme That Became a Weeb Word

Omae wa shinderu

It translates to “you are already dead.” This is another example from the same meme known as “Fist of the North Star.” There was a rumor going around that it originated from JoJo, but that was not the case. It’s from a series called Fist of the North Star.



This word literally translates to “Brother.” The usage of it by a young girl with a sweet-sounding voice lends it the most potential for success. The majority of cultured men have a soft spot in their hearts for this particular word.



Chibi are the tiny and adorable versions of the characters that appear in anime. The literal translation of the word “chibi” into English is “short.”



It is also possible to say “all right” using this word. It asks, “Are you okay?” when used with a question mark at the end of the phrase. When circumstances are difficult, remind yourself of this phrase. It’ll work miracles.

Yare Yare

Yare Yare

Yare Yare means “good grief.” If someone is using this word, you can be sure that they are a die-hard fan of JoJo.

Moe – Weeb Word For The Cultured


Moe is a term that alludes to a youthful and naive female character who is warm and gentle, fundamentally faultless, and far too good for this corrupt and terrible world.

Daisuki – Wholesome Weeb Word


Daisuki means I love and adore you so very much . It’s often used on lovers.

What could be so confusing about this word, right? Well, the world literally translates to “Big Like.”

Japanese is difficult because Japanese culture is unique. (Friends, culture is important.)

The Japanese don’t speak like us. When translated to English, the language is complicated because a single word’s meaning might be debated for hours.

Take anything you read online about Japanese with a grain of salt.



Bleach and Death Note feature Shinigami. While their depictions differ, they derive from the same mythology.

Shinigami are Japanese Gods or supernatural beings who invite mankind to die. Or simply put, they’re gods of death.

The Japanese consider Shinigami a normal part of their life cycle.

The grim reaper is a malevolent figure who may arbitrarily steal your soul, while a Shinigami ensures you die and travel safely to the afterlife. They’re equally ugly, though (Death note fans know what Im talking about)

Shonen – Most Common Weeb Word


Shonen is a category of anime that primarily appeals to a youthful male audience. It’s possible that you’re not aware of how many of your favorite anime shows are shounen. The primary distinction between seinen and shonen lies in the fact that seinen can be aimed at a significantly older demographic than shonen.



The term “seinen” is used to describe a man who is not only a male but also a mature man. The term “seinen” is frequently used to refer to the genre of media that is aimed at males ranging in age from young to old.

There is a good possibility that these shows will include language suitable for mature audiences. In conclusion, it is strongly suggested that you look for some good seinen shows.



The term “josei” refers to a demographic of audience members that consists of middle-aged or younger teenaged girls. There are a few features of a Josei anime that are just different from conventional anime, such as realistic romantic storylines, despite the fact that the premise itself may appear to be really straightforward.



The feminine equivalent of the Bishounen series is known as Bishoujo. It can also be translated as “lovely girl” or “beautiful girl.” This word is most frequently used in other dating simulation games as well as visual novels.

Use this word the next time you gaze at a gorgeous anime female, seeing as you are now familiar with its significance.

Megane Or Meganekko

Megane Or Meganekko

The word “glasses” can be translated from the Japanese word “megane.” A “spectacled beauty” is referred to as a “meganekko,” which is an Otaku phrase for a lovely girl who wears glasses.



Hikikomori refers to the practice of completely isolating oneself from society. People who engage in Hikikomori are also referred to as Shut-ins (does that term ring a bell? It’s you! Just kidding). Because you are familiar with the virus and all of its million different strains, I am going to assume that all of us have already had the opportunity to do this.

However, those that engage in this behavior aren’t necessarily destitute. Because of this, many of them are able to uncover their artistic aspects.

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