Love, Lust, and Regret: The Controversial Scum's Wish Ending Explained

Scum’s Wish Ending Explained: Love, Lust, and Regret

Scum’s Wish” is a romantic anime series that aired six years ago. It tells the story of Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya, who enter a relationship despite not being in love. In this post, I will explain the Scum’s Wish ending (both anime and manga). The Kuzu No Honkai anime received positive reviews for its emotional storyline, capturing the hearts of many viewers. The plot revolves around unrequited love involving Hanabi, Mugi, and other characters.

Unfortunately, the ending of “Scum’s Wish” left many unsatisfied and didn’t address the problems from the first season.

Scum’s Wish Recap: Start of A Unhealthy Relationship

Scum’s Wish

The story begins with Hanabi and Mugi, two high school students who discover each other’s romantic interests. Hanabi likes her teacher, Mr. Kanai, while Mugi is in love with his music teacher, Akane Minagawa. They agree to start a fake sexual relationship to find solace and support, even though their love isn’t genuine.

Despite engaging in multiple sexual encounters, pretending the other is their true love, their relationship becomes strained. Hanabi starts exploring a sexual relationship with another girl, Sanae Ebato. Eventually, they drift apart, barely acknowledging each other’s presence.

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What Happens in the Final Episode of Anime?

scum's wish episode 12

In the final episode, they plan to confess their love to their respective crushes but are met with disappointment. Mugi doesn’t show up at the agreed meeting spot, as he discovers that Minagawa was only using him for attention. Hanabi realizes Mugi’s betrayal and how their relationship was built on unhealthy foundations.

The ending of “Scum’s Wish” leaves the future of Hanabi and Mugi’s relationship uncertain. While they seem to have moved on, there is a suggestion that they may reunite in the future. The inconclusive ending sets the stage for interpretation and potential future developments.

In summary, “Scum’s Wish” portrays a complex and emotionally charged story of unrequited love. While the ending may leave some questions unanswered, it reflects the characters’ growth and the exploration of different types of love.

Hanabi & Mugi’s relationship – Scum’s Wish Ending Explained

Hanabi & Mugi’s relationship – Scum’s Wish Ending Explained

The two of them often question each other about their love interests and admit that it’s unlikely they will ever get to confess their feelings. In the first episode, they make a pact to date each other, not out of love but to protect themselves from rejection. Hana pretends Mugi is Mr. Kanai, and vice versa.

This leads to Mugi and Hana engaging in several sexual encounters, pretending the other person is their true love, so they can avoid facing their own desires. Throughout the anime series, they work hard to fulfill each other’s needs.

Whenever Mugi or Hana notice the other person getting distracted by their true love, they find a private place to distract them from those thoughts. This strange arrangement continues for a long time, even as Hana starts experimenting with another female character and engages in sexual encounters with her too.

The End of the Main Characters’ Relationship Explained

The End of the Main Characters' Relationship Explained

Let’s talk about the ending of Scum’s Wish and what happened in the final episode. Mugi and Hana agreed to meet at the park at 6 PM. Towards the end, they decided to confess their love to the people they liked.

They planned to do it together on a Friday. If both got rejected, they would meet again at a nearby park to support each other. If one didn’t show up, it meant they weren’t rejected. On the day of the event, Hana went to talk to Mr. Kanai, while Mugi went to Mrs. Minagawa.

Sadly, Mugi didn’t return to the park, leaving Hana waiting alone. She was disappointed and not surprised when she found out where he was. Mugi had been tricked by Minagawa, who only wanted to have sex with him. She didn’t love Mugi and kept him around for attention.

After this, Hana and Mugi grew distant. Eventually, they stopped talking and even avoided each other in the halls. Hana found it strange because they had been close and had many intimate moments.

There’s a spin-off manga called Kuzu no Honkai décor that gives some insights into the characters’ lives after some time had passed. However, even the spin-off didn’t provide a conclusive ending. In the end panels, we see Hana talking to Mugi, who advises her not to get a boyfriend yet.

Scum’s Wish Ending Explained In A Nutshell

Once Hana’s involvement in a lesbian relationship with Sanae Ebato is revealed, Mugi starts losing interest in her. They begin avoiding each other at school and barely interact. Eventually, we reach the final scene.

The ending of Scum’s Wish is powerful, sad, and emotional. It doesn’t provide a definite conclusion. Hana narrates what happened in their relationship and what the future holds.

Hana starts questioning if being with Mugi is actually beneficial and whether they should continue. She realizes that unrequited love isn’t as great as it seems, and not all love is fulfilling.

In a voice-over, Hana expresses hope that both of them will find true love and never have to go through something like this again, even though they chose to. She wishes to find her own true love and hopes the same for Mugi.

The ending scene shows that Hana and Mugi have moved on from their initial relationship and matured. However, Mugi is still attached to Minagawa and continues to see her even after confessing to Hana. Understanding the ending of Scum’s Wish is important.

What Does the Ending Mean for Hanabi and Mugi?

What Does the Ending Mean for Hanabi and Mugi?

The ending of the anime leaves many unanswered questions and doesn’t provide a satisfying solution to the problems presented. It’s unclear if it’s truly the end of their relationship. But that’s intentional.

The spin-off manga shows us where the characters are now, hinting that Mugi and Hana will meet again. The inconclusive ending of Kuzu No Honkai sets the stage for a possible second season or leaves it open to interpretation.

It’s likely that Hana and Mugi will reunite, though it may take time. They believe distancing themselves is for the best, but deep down, only they understand each other’s true struggles and coping mechanisms.

Mugi and Hana are the best match for each other. If they can overcome their differences, they would be perfect together. They know each other’s pasts, motivations, and how to provide comfort.

Scum’s Wish Manga Ending Explained (Spoiler)

Scum's Wish Manga Ending Explained (Spoiler)

I just finished reading the final chapter of Scum’s Wish, and to be honest, it was disappointing.

In simple terms, the resolution felt rushed. Hanabi and Mugi barely interacted for several chapters, and then suddenly they have one conversation and the story ends.

Even the way the teachers’ relationship was revealed felt abrupt. One moment Akane is her usual seductive self, and the next she’s getting married.

The final chapter suggests that she’s still a mean-spirited person when she tells Hanabi not to be taken by anyone else. Her romance with Kanai feels hard to believe.

Looking back, this story needed more chapters to fully explore the characters’ emotional journeys, especially considering the time spent establishing them initially.

Too much time was wasted on side characters like Ecchan and Mugi’s childhood friend. It’s disappointing because these characters didn’t receive much payoff in the end.

I’m relieved that Hanabi and Mugi didn’t end up together. Their relationship was too messed up to serve as the foundation for a healthy romance. Instead, they affirmed their appreciation for each other and decided to go their separate ways, believing they had become stronger.

With better buildup, this could have been a powerful ending. As it stands, it’s underwhelming, although the artwork effectively conveys the emotions of their parting.

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