Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2: Release Date, Plot, and More!

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2: Release Date, Plot, and More!

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun is a Japanese animation series, which is also known as TBHK. The crowd has responded quite favorably to it. On IMDb, it has a score of 7.5 out of 10. In this article, we will be exploring the possibility of getting Toilet Bound Hanako Kun season 2, its plot, release date and more!

It was a joyful surprise in more ways than one when the supernatural comedy anime about the cheerful spirit Hanako-san and his sidekick, Nene, turned out to be a tremendous success. However, the anime’s future is still uncertain.

Even though the first season of Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun was released in 2020, a second season has yet to be officially confirmed years later. Although there isn’t an official explanation, given how well the anime performed, a second season appears to be just a matter of time.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Season 2: Overview

Anime NameJibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (Anime Shin Project)
SeasonSeason 1 Remastered
Initial Release DateJanuary 10, 2020
TBHK Season 2 Release DateTBA
TBHK Remastered Version Release Date2024 or 2025 (prediction)

Toilet-Bound Hanako kun Season 2: Release Date & Renewal Status


Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun: Season 2’s release date has not yet been disclosed, thus we are unable to predict with certainty when the anime will return. It’s important to note that a new anime project is in the works even if a second season hasn’t been officially announced.

The Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun anime is being “restarted,” according to the anime’s Twitter account. It is called Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (Anime Shin Project).

Recycled animation from the 2020 adaptation was visible in the teaser image that preceded this disclosure, however it’s still unclear what restarted implies in this context. It was well-known that the 2020 adaptation changed a lot from the manga; nevertheless, it appears that the production may be creating a special series that stays true to the original.

Toilet-Bound Hanako kun Season 2: Plot

Yashiro Nene

It’s about a Japanese school’s seven wonders. “Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun”‘s hero is Nene Yashiro.

High schooler Nene Yashiro wants to date a hot boy. It is unknown that Nene Yashiro was rejected by a handsome schoolboy when she proposed.

Poor Yashiro’s dream remains unfulfilled. His best friend tells him the school’s number 7 is a miracle. He’s Hanako-san. One of your wishes will be granted, but nobody knows what she will seek in return. Yashiro knocks three times on the third door of the girls’ restroom to achieve his goals.

Hanako too Then Hanako arrives. Yashiro initially thinks Hanako is a boy. Yashiro then asks Hanako if you look boyish. Hanako then insists I’m a boy.

Hanako also hugs Yashiro. Yashiro liked it. Yashiro quickly requests his wish. He must assist Hanako. He meets second-class student Minamoto Kun. Minamoto calls himself exorcist.

Hanako Sen easily defeats Minamoto Kou. Later in the story, all three become friends. Yashiro could remove or replace all those wonders.

After learning about the school’s marvels, he avoids injuring others. When the three of them face the school’s seven wonders, you’ll enjoy this. As the story progresses, the three of them meet Sukasa, Hanako’s younger brother, who looks like her. He’s a dangerous ghost.

Hanako panics when she sees Sukasa scared. Hanako killed her younger brother. Watching the anime series will explain why he did this. You’ll also see more amazing new characters. English-dubbed episodes of this anime are available on YouTube.

TBHK Season 2: Manga

Mitsuba Sousuke

The anime television series Toilet Bound Hananko Kun is entirely based on a Japanese manga. Aidalro wrote that, and Square Enix published it. It has been in operation since June 18, 2014, until the present.

The first book was initially published on May 22, 2015, in Japanese. And on August 29, 20187, its first volume was translated into English. On August 26, 2022, Toilet Bound Hanako Kun’s final manga volume was published.

There are currently 18 manga volumes of Toilet Bound Hanako Kun available for reading. It covers 91 manga chapters, with an average of 5 chapters per book.

Which Studio Will Adapt TBHK Season 2?

The first season of TBHK was animated by Lerche. While they’re not as popular as studio MAPPA or A1 Pictures, they do quality work. One of the best features of Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun season 1 was its vivid animation. The colorful pallete and the amusing animation flow shows the skill of studio Lerche’s animators.

Since they took care of the initial season, there is a very good chance that the new project (the season 2) might be handled by the same team.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2 Main Character & Cast

CharactersJapanese Voice ActorEnglish Voice Actor
Nene YashiroAkari KitōTia Ballard
Hanako SanMegumi OgataJustin Briner
Kou MinamotoShōya ChibaTyson Rinehart
Sōsuke MitsubaDaiki KobayashiKyle Igneczi

Apart from the above main characters, we have several other TBHK characters that make the show so amazing. From crazy villains to amusing side characters, this anime has got them all!

FAQs About Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2

That’s it for this post! This is all you need to know about Toilet Bound Hanako Kun season 2. While we don’t know the exact date, a new and remastered version of TBHK has been confirmed to go into production. It is quite possible that we might see the remake on late 2024 or early 2025.

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