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Top 15 Most Popular Orient Anime Characters That You Need To Know!

Orient is a classic shonen anime about a boy going on adventures filled with dangerous monsters and mystical creatures. In this article, we will be taking a look at the 15 most popular characters from the Orient anime series.

As of now, there has only been one season (divided into two parts). So this list will be limited to the characters from the first season.

So, without further ado, let’s start counting down the fifteen most popular characters from the Orient anime series.

List of the 15 most popular characters from the Orient anime (Season 1):

  1. Musashi
  2. Tsugumi
  3. Michiru
  4. Kojiro
  5. Shirou
  6. Naotora
  7. Naoe
  8. The Obsidian Goddess
  9. Nanao
  10. Tatsuomi
  11. Seiroku
  12. Mitsuru
  13. Akihiro
  14. Shunrai
  15. Katsumi

15/15. Katsumi


Katsumi is the leader of the Amako Bushi band’s subsection, which is part of the Uesugi Band’s mission.

He looks very normal yet studious. He wears glasses and has a mole under his eye, which makes him pretty attractive.

As for his powers, he is very mediocre. Katsumi is not particularly known for his physical strength or magical abilities; rather, he relies on his intelligence and tactical knowledge.

Katsumi also has issues with his confidence, as he gave up in the middle of a fight, assuming that it was impossible for him to win.

14/15. Shunrai

Shunrai - Orient anime characters

Shunrai is one of the key members of the Takeda Bushi Band. She is a cheerful and determined individual who strives to remain positive and look at the brighter side of any situation.

She does not play any major roles in the first season of the anime, but she became a fan favorite thanks to her personality.

Shunrai has a scar in her breast, showing her as a determined woman who has gone through struggles and hardships.

13/15. Akihiro


Akihiro is one of the characters from Part 2 of the first season. He plays a vital part in the anime as he serves as a major obstacle for Musashi, forcing him to confront his inferiority as a Bushi.

However, Akihiro is not a bad person. He just acts tough and aggressive to cover up his insecurities, but he is actually a very loyal person.

Akihiro and his brothers make one of the most formidable bushi bands in the anime. They literally have each other’s backs, and their bond only becomes stronger as the series progresses.

12/15. Mitsuru

Mitsuru - Orient anime characters

Mitsuru is a hot blacksmith character in Orient who only shows up in a couple of episodes. However, her strong personality and her muscular body have captured the hearts of many fans.

She is also a very brave lady, as she does not wear any pants or skirt over her undergarment. Her body is full of scars from her battles, and she is not afraid to show them off as a symbol of her strength.

While it is not explicitly mentioned in the anime, she seemed like a reputable blacksmith who was respected among her peers.

11/15. Seiroku


Seiroku is one of the villains in the anime, and his character is quite amusing. He acts so high and mighty that we all thought he was going to be the main villain of the season. But it turns out he was only a minor character who caused quite a stir among the viewers due to his overconfident attitude.

His abilities are not very suited for one-on-one battles, but he still manages to cause a lot of chaos with his large-scale schemes and devious plots.

Seiroku has the power to make illusions that look real, which he uses to his advantage to control people and situations.

10/15. Tatsuomi

Tatsuomi - Orient anime characters

Tatsuomi is one of the major characters from the Orient anime’s Season 1 Part 2. He is the leader of the Uesugi band, a band that is at the top of the hierarchy of Bushi bands.

He commands thousands of bushi who have sworn allegiance to him, making him a formidable opponent.

That said, he is not the most powerful Bushi there is. He does not possess the ability to take foes head-on. On the contrary, his powers allow him to make his allies stronger and boost their overall stats.

9/15. Nanao


Nanao is one of my favorite female characters in the Orient anime series. She is pretty much Shirou’s maid, as they have a master-subordinate relationship.

That said, Nanao is no ordinary maid; she is a skilled bushi who fights to protect Shirou and do his bidding. This makes her fall on the villain side, but she is always true to her principles and shows her loyalty and dedication to Shirou.

What makes her attractive is her personality. If you’ve watched Kaguya Sama: Love is War, I’d say Nanao’s personality is similar to that of Ai Hayasaka.

8/15. The Obsidian Goddess

The Obsidian Goddess - Orient anime characters

The Obsidian Goddess is the very reason why the world is at war. She is the only power that can defeat Kishin. This is why both Kishin’s supporters and the Bushi band, which has vowed to kill all Kishin, are after her.

She does not have a physical form. Rather, she possesses people. She is now within our main protagonist, Musashi, granting him insane abilities.

At first, she seemed like a terrifying villain, but as the story goes on, we get to know that she is actually a benevolent being who is determined to guide Musashi to fulfill his destiny.

7/15. Naoe


Naoe is basically the Levi (Attack on Titan reference) of the Orient anime series. Normally, he appears mediocre, to the point where you’d think he’s a supporting character. He prefers doing accounting to fighting, which would lead you to think he is weak.

But here’s the twist: He is one of the most badass characters in the whole story. His powers are overwhelming and can turn the tides of any battle.

He is a fiercely loyal character who would give his life for his leader, Tatsuomi, if necessary.

6/15. Naotora

Naotora - Orient anime characters

Naotora is the strongest Bushi in the entire series. He is the one who saves Musashi in the mining town.

Naotora is respected by every bushi, and he is on par with Uesugi Band’s Tatsuomi in terms of influence.

He is normally a very chill dude who gets his job done in a laid-back manner. However, during his fight with Sirou, the strongest villain in the series, we saw his fierce side.

Naotora seems to have some history with the villains, which is why he fought recklessly in order to drive Shirou away.

5/15. Shirou


Shirou is one of the coolest villains of all time. He looks down on everybody, even his own allies. He cares only about one thing: obtaining the obsidian goddess.

In his pursuit of power, he encounters Musashi and tries to convert him and his friends into his sword. Yeah, he can turn people into weapons.

What’s more crazy is his world-breaking power. He can cut through space and teleport himself anywhere on the planet. He can also teleport lava or anything else from anywhere in the world and use it to overwhelm his enemies.

4/15. Kojiro

Kojiro - Orient anime characters

Kojiro is one of the main characters in the Orient anime series. He has always been treated like trash just because he is a Bushi’s child. This is because the town where he grew up treated Kishin like a god when it was actually evil.

Because of this, he had a harsh childhood. At one point, his father was also killed because he was a bushi. He grew up alone, with Musashi as his only friend.

Later on in the series, when Kojiro and Musashi escaped the town, he finally realized that his father was telling the truth and that the Bushi were the good people, trying to save the entire world.

3/15. Michiru


Michiru is an unforgettable character in the Orient anime series. She was originally introduced as a princess, whom Musashi saves from a Kishin.

However, it was revealed later on that she was the child of one of the villains. She had been tasked with finding Musashi and killing him in order to obtain the obsidian goddess’ powers.

But she actually fell in love with Musashi’s kind personality and defied her father, which led her to sacrifice her life in order to protect him.

2/15. Tsugumi

Tsugumi - Orient anime characters

Tsugumi is the eye candy character in the Orient anime series. Things start off weird with her, as she strips off her clothes whenever she is troubled. But it does work, as she defeated Kojiro thanks to this technique.

Anyway, she was in a toxic relationship with her master, who had taken her in as his child. Musashi and Kojiro saved her from her master so that she could live a life of freedom without having to worry about anything.

Tsugumi has shown several nice characteristics since then, making her the best girl in Orient.

1/15. Musashi

Musashi - Orient anime characters

Number one on this list of the best Orient anime characters is none other than our main protagonist, Musashi.

He is a cool-looking, red-haired dude with a kind heart and a passionate determination to make sure that his friends are safe and happy.

Just like other major characters in Orient, Musashi also had a messed-up childhood. Despite his traumatic experiences, Musashi remained strong and determined to use his skills for the greater good.

He became a Bushi along with Kojiro, met Tsugumi, and saved her. Later, he also saves Michiru from being abused by her father.

FAQs About Orient Anime Characters

In this section, I will be covering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Orient anime characters. Note that some of the answers might contain spoilers, so read it at your own discretion.

Who is the strongest in Orient anime?

Shirou is the strongest character in Orient Anime’s first season. However, Takeda is pretty close to the strongest position. In the battle between Naotara and Shirou, Naotara managed to make Shirou flee for his life. But if you look at the aftermath, Shirou was practically unharmed, whereas Naotara almost lost his hand.

Who is the antagonist in Orient anime?

The demon race known as Kishin are the antagonists in Orient anime series. However, there are also humans that support them called the Obsidian Eight. They are the main villains in the season 1 of the series.

Does Musashi end up with Michiru?

No, Musashi does not end up with Michiru. While he manages saves her from her father, it was at the cost of her own life. He got to spend a day with Muchiru after defeating her father. She then disintegrated into thin air.

Who is the female protagonist in Orient?

Tsugumi is the female protagonist in Orient anime series. Although, as far as season 1 is concerned, it can also be assumed that Michiru was the female protagonist as she had more screentime and involvement in the story than Tsugumi.

That’s it for this post. These were all the top 15 most popular characters from Orient anime series.

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