Where to start capeta manga after the anime

Where to start the Capeta manga after the anime? all you need to know

Capeta is an award winning manga series about kart racing that slowly progresses into something grand: F1 racing. The anime ended midway, while the manga continued on until 2013, when its story was finished. So, if you just watched the show and are wondering where to start the Capeta manga after the anime, then this article is for you.

The Capeta anime and manga series tell the story of a motherless kid from a very poor family. He is too conservative and does not let his emotions or needs get in the way of his father or anyone else.

However, there was one thing he loved so much that he came out of his shell for once. That was cars. After being exposed to the world of kart racing, Capeta aims to become a professional racer and beat his all time rival.

Where do I start the Capeta manga after the anime?

Where do I start the Capeta manga after the anime?

If you asked true fans of the manga, they would ask you to start over because there is little difference between the anime and manga.

The last few anime episodes are very different from the manga, so we suggest starting with Chapter 30 (Volume 11, Chapter 3) of the Capeta manga.

This is the volume where Capeta and Shiba face off against each other in order to get a scholarship. But the anime skipped over several panels and bent the story a bit in this chapter, so this is the perfect chapter to start with.

For example, the anime skipped the part where Minamoto actually took part in the race along with Shiba and Capeta during the final selection race.

What chapter did the Capeta anime end in the manga?

What chapter did the Capeta anime end in the manga?

Now, if you don’t mind a little inconsistency in the story and want to start the manga where the anime left off, then this section is for you.

The anime version of Capeta ends with Chapter 32 (Volume 12, Chapter 1) of the manga. But the anime has also shown parts of the manga up to chapter 35 (Volume 12, Chapter 4) in animated form. So, the story after Chapter 35 of the manga is completely new and has not been adapted into anime.

That said, it would be really confusing as the anime does not follow the manga’s plot chronologically. Which is why I recommend starting from Chapter 30 (Volume 11, Chapter 3).

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FAQs About Capeta Anime and Manga


Does Capeta have a second season?

No, Capeta does not have a second season. It has been more than a decade since the last episode aired, and there is still no news about a sequel. So it is safe to assume that the Capeta anime is not returning.

Is the anime adaptation faithful to the manga?

Well, most of the story is true to the manga. However, the last few episodes of the anime have messed up the chronological story of the manga.

Why did the Capeta anime end abruptly without a sequel?

While the Capeta manga was a popular, award winning series, the anime did not enjoy the same popularity when it was airing. After all, racing anime are very rare for a reason. The genre has a very small fan base, with the majority of the fans’ interests lying in other genres such as action, romance, and comedy. So, they had to abruptly end the anime.

Is the Capeta manga finished?

Yes, the Capeta manga officially ended on March 6, 2013. It does not have a sequel or side story manga. It has a total of 32 volumes and 119 chapters in the manga.

That’s it for this article. This is where you start the manga after the anime. Hope you found where to continue the story from where the anime left off.

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