is bocchi the rock overrated

Is Bocchi The Rock Overrated? Should You Watch The Anime?

Bocchi The Rock is an anime that nobody expected to become so popular. It was aired along with popular series like Bleach, Mob Psycho and Chainsaw man and still managed to get a huge fanbase. So, is Bocchi the Rock overrated? Is Bocchi the Rock mid, or is the anime worth watching?

The short answer is no, Bocchi the Rock is not overrated. And you should definitely watch this anime if you like slice of life, comedy series. However, if you only like shonen anime with action and adventure, Bocchi the Rock is not for you.

Now for the long answer, I will go over every aspect of the anime and give my verdict on whether Bocchi the Rock is overrated or not. So without further ado, let’s jump into the listing!

Bocchi the Rock: A Brief Review

No, Bocchi the Rock is not mid. It is actually a great and hilarious anime series that has captured the hearts of thousands of fans. That said, whether you like the show or not depends on your personal preferences.

The main character

bocchi - main character

What makes this anime great is that the main character is kind of relatable to most introverted fans, which makes this show close to their hearts. We get to see Bocchi go through awkward social situations and humiliate herself every now and then.

But what’s more, we also get to see Bocchi overcome her social anxiety and rock the stage. In real life, only a very few of the introverts actually manage to achieve this, making Bocchi sort of a role model for the fans.

Other than the main character, we also see a whole cast of characters with unique personalities and backstories that add depth to the show. We see how others interact with and support Bocchi, which is very heartwarming and lovable.

The Comedy

bocchi the rock comedy

Normally, it is no fun to be anxious all the time. It is no fun to see an anxious person, either. However, the creator of this anime has cleverly interwoven comedy with the otherwise sad and dark personality of the main character.

Along with the cute animation and adorable Japanese voice acting, the addition of hilarious moments sprinkled throughout the episodes makes Bocchi the Rock a perfect comedy anime.

With most anime relying on ecchi and fanservice nowadays, it is quite refreshing to watch a purely family-friendly anime series that fills our hearts with laughter and good vibes.

The Ambition

is bocchi the rock overrated

Bocchi the Rock isn’t just an anime about an introverted girl. It is also an anime about how she is going to rock as an idol.

While it may seem impossible for an extremely socially anxious person to play an instrument before a huge audience, that is what Bocchi dreams of.

This means she not only has to develop her guitar skills; she also has to improve herself as a person. We see several moments where Bocchi turns tail and runs from the stage. However, each time she comes back, she does her best.

Because of her ambition, she managed to make friends, play on stage before a dozen audience members, and even work at a job to afford her band’s costs.

Overall, Bocchi the Rock is more than just a screwed-up introvert who fails hilariously. It is the story of her failing and improving at a steady pace, over and over again.

The Animation and Sound

bocchi the rock animation

Another thing that sets apart Bocchi the Rock from the rest is its interesting use of animation. Every now and then, we see some really weird, low-quality animation that is really unexplainable.

However, that kind of adds to the show’s over-hilarity, so the random scribbles and very basic 3D polygon animation only help the show express itself.

The sound effects and music without a question are really amazing. After all, this is an anime about music, so it makes sense that the music in the anime is pretty good.

So, is Bocchi the Rock overrated?

Nope, Bocchi the Rock is not overrated by any means. It deserves its hype because it is really a great anime series.

The only people who say Bocchi the Rock is overrated are the people who only love shonen anime. Or maybe they’re all extroverted people who don’t understand the main character’s dilemma. Or they may just hate all mainstream anime and the other shows that get hyped up on the internet. They just like to support the “underdog” anime that nobody talks about because that makes them cool.

Either way, the ones who dislike this show are clearly not its target audience.

Is Bocchi the Rock Better Than K-On?

Bocchi the rock x K-on

This is a really tricky question because both the anime are masterpieces in this genre. They’re both hilarious shows with cute girls that try to become a famous band.

However, K-on tends to capitalize on the “cute” or “moe” girl theme more than Bocchi the Rock. The main character of K-on has the complete opposite personality as Bocchi.

So, when it comes to just the characters, K-On has a better cast of characters than Bocchi the Rock.

However, when I compare both the anime as a whole, I would say Bocchi the Rock is a better anime than K-on because it is just unique and a bit controversial. We don’t get many anime where the main female character is not cute but rather a social abomination.

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