Top 10 Most Popular Bocchi the Rock Female Characters

Top 10 Most Popular Female Characters from “Bocchi The Rock”

Bocchi The Rock is filled with cute and lovely female characters trying to be the best music band in Japan. It is fun and entertaining while also being motivating and inspirational. Simply put, this is one of the greatest idol animes of recent times.

We can see several relatable characters in this show. For example, we have an anime otaku who loves the anime culture. Then we have our main character, who stinks at interpersonal relationships. Seeing these girls makes some of us see ourselves in the series.

Top 10 Most Popular Bocchi the Rock Female Characters

  • Hitori Gotoh
  • Ryo Yamada
  • Ikuyo Kita
  • Nijika Ijichi
  • Kikuri Hiroi
  • Seika Ijichi
  • Futari Gotoh
  • Yoyoko Ohtsuki
  • Eliza Shimizu
  • Shima Iwashita

10. Shima Iwashita

 Shima Iwashita

Shima is in charge of the drums in the band Sick hack. Her appearance is more masculine than feminine.

She is the type of person who always maintains a pleasant and professional demeanor with those around her. On the other hand, she doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing off her skills when performing.

9. Eliza Shimizu

Eliza Shimizu

Eliza is one of the female characters in Bocchi the Rock who plays a minor role in the anime.

In the band SICK HACK, Eliza is the one in charge of playing the guitar. She was born in England but migrated to Japan three years ago so that she could participate in Comiket. In addition to her efforts with the band, she also created some doujinshi.

She is a happy and sociable person, and it just so happens that she enjoys watching anime. She does not shy away from the fact that she identifies as a weeb or an anime nerd.

8. Yoyoko Ohtsuki

Yoyoko Ohtsuki

She is the leader of the band Sideros, in addition to being responsible for the guitar and vocals in the band. She has always looked up to Kikuri Hiroi and considers Kessoku Band to be her band’s competition. Particularly, she considers Kessoku Band’s lead guitarist, Hitori Gotoh, to be her personal competitor.

Despite how she appears on the outside, Yoyoko has always been a very insecure person. In addition, she has a poor communication style, which makes dealing with her quite challenging.

She is also compassionate, especially toward her sworn rival, Kessoku Band. She was willing to share ideas to help them grow and succeed at Mikakunin Riot. This shows that she has a lot of respect for the Kessoku Band.

7. Futari Gotoh

Futari Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock has a ton of cute female characters, but Futari takes the cake. Hitori has a younger sister, Futari, who is a cute girl with an adorable personality.

Futari is not the type of person who gets nervous while meeting new people. She frequently inflicts mental damage on her opponents, especially Hitori, by inadvertently speaking words that tear at their emotional core.

But it is exactly that aspect of her that is amazing. She is pure, does not filter words, and pretty much makes the show a bit more entertaining with her dialogues.

6. Seika Ijichi

Seika Ijichi

STARRY’s manager, Seika Ijichi, is Seika Ijichi. She is Nijika Ijichi’s older sister. Seika had previously been a member of the band, and her talent was, to say the least, unrivaled.

When it comes to her younger sister Nijika, she exhibits a significant amount of tsundere tendencies at times. Despite her age, she still likes to sleep with her stuffed animals.

5. Kikuri Hiroi

Kikuri Hiroi

Kikuri is one of the female characters in Bocchi the Rock who plays the typical “Onee-san” role. She is the band leader for SICK HACK and is responsible for both the bass and the vocals. The majority of the episodes in the series take place while Kikuri is drunk.

Before she reached high school, Hiroi had a personality that was withdrawn and depressing, in contrast to her free-spirited demeanor today. The anxiety she had leading up to concert appearances led her to take up drinking as a coping mechanism. She occasionally gives Bocchi advice as a senior band member because she sees many similarities between herself and her past self in her.

4. Nijika Ijichi

Nijika Ijichi

She is a member of the Kessoku Band at Shimokitazawa High School, where she is in her second year of high school, and she is in charge of the drums.

Nijika is a gentle, sweet, and pleasant girl. She is lively in addition to being very accommodating, and she puts other people at ease. She is a vibrant and upbeat young lady who has an impact on the environment around her.

3. Ikuyo Kita

Ikuyo Kita

Kita is one of the main female characters from Bocchi the Rock. She is in her first year of Shuka High School and is Kessoku Band’s lead guitarist and vocalist. Her responsibilities include leading the band in music. She has a deep admiration for Ryo Yamada.

Kita is described as a “cheerful character” who is outgoing and has a large circle of close friends. She enjoys interacting with people and is very active on many social networking platforms. She is a hard worker but also maintains a low profile. In comparison to Ryo, she considers herself to be an average person who possesses no distinguishing qualities.

2. Ryo Yamada

Ryo Yamada

She is currently in her second year at Shimokitazawa High School and is the Kessoku Band’s bassist. She is Nijika Ijichi’s coworker at the live house STARRY, where she works a part-time job.

Ryo is an odd girl who behaves in a manner devoid of expression yet has a naughty sense of humor. She enjoys playing pranks on other people who are close to her.

She has little regard for social graces and enjoys the label of “weirdo.”

Ryo prefers to be by herself, so you won’t hear much from her very often. On the other hand, if she starts talking about music, she becomes talkative.

1. Hitori Gotoh

Hitori Gotoh

Hitori Gotoh, also known by his nickname Bocchi-chan, is the main female character of the anime series Bocchi The Rock. She is currently in her freshman year at Shuka High School and is in charge of the band’s guitar and lyrics.

Hitori struggles to maintain healthy relationships with those around her. She gets awkward with others. Even when she makes an effort to brighten the environment, she frequently fails because she exaggerates her efforts or makes a mistake. She has a strong need for social acceptance because of her personality.

That’s it for this article. These are the top 10 most popular female characters from Bocchi the Rock anime series.

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