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10 Most Popular Tomodachi Game Female Characters Of All Time

In this article, we will be talking about the top 10 most popular Tomodachi Game female characters. These characters, each possessing unique qualities and endearing traits, have captured the hearts of fans across the globe.

From forging deep friendships to embarking on thrilling high stake games, these beloved figures bring joy and excitement to fans. Join us as we delve into the captivating narratives and vibrant personalities that make these Tomodachi characters truly unforgettable.

Whether you’re a hardcore fanatic of Tomodachi game or a new fan, this compilation is sure to ignite your curiosity and appreciation for these iconic girls.

1. Shiho Sawaragi

Shiho Sawaragi

Shiho Sawaragi serves as Yuuichi’s class vice-president and class organizer. Her police officer father instilled a strong sense of justice.

Athletic and dependable, Shiho wears her school uniform, later changing to the Observers’ uniform in chapter 47.

An exemplary student, she passionately safeguards friends and displays affection for Yuuichi.

2. Yutori Kokorogi

Yutori Kokorogi - best Tomodachi Game Female Characters

Meet Yutori Kokorogi, Yuuichi’s classmate, who is one of Tomodachi game female characters that nobody can hate.

She battled childhood bullying, bonding with Yuuichi and classmates thanks to Shiho’s intervention. Yutori’s an anime and manga enthusiast who also creates manga for fun. Engaged in the Adult Tomadachi Games, she’s part of Yuuichi’s team.

Yutori displays a quiet and kind persona, with a touch of innocence and air-headedness. This side, known to Yuuichi’s friend circle, is devoted to friends and holds a minor crush on him. However, this Yutori can be easily manipulated due to her trusting nature.

3. Yuka Katagiri (Yuuichi’s Mother)

Yuka Katagiri (Yuuichi's Mother)

Yuka Katagiri (片切 友華, Katagiri Yuka) serves as Yuuichi Katagiri’s adoptive mom. She is a very kind woman who has a respectable personality. Though not directly featured in the series, she imparted a valuable lesson to Yuuichi about friendship’s significance over money.

She teaches Yuuichi that friends are more valuable than money while she was bedridden in hospital. In a way, she plays a crucial role in shaping the MC that inturn has a huge impact on the anime’s story.

4. Maria Mizuse

Maria Mizuse - best Tomodachi Game Female Characters

A member of the management of “Tomodachi Game” is Maria Mizuse. She acts as a watcher for the C team and Yuuichi Katagiri. She made her debut in the very second chapter of the manga.

She is easily one of the most popular Tomodachi Game female characters, enough to be called the “best girl” by fans.

5. Tsukino

Tsukino - best Tomodachi Game Female Characters

The administration of “Tomodachi Game” includes Tsukino, a mature waifu material. She acts as a watcher for the C team and Yuuichi Katagiri. She is one of the characters who make it alive till the very end.

She gives a goth girl vibe and has a cool hairstyle similar to that of Touka from Tokyo Ghoul.

6. Satone Kaidou

Satone Kaidou

In the Adult Tomodachi Game, Satone Kaidou takes part. She is the daughter of Tsukasa Kaidou and is reputed to be a skilled gambler.

She is a 21 year old female character in Tomodachi Game who is popularly known as the “Monster”. What’s the reason behind this nickname? Well, you’re going to have to watch the show to find out!

7. Reiko Tamai

Reiko Tamai - best Tomodachi Game Female Characters

Reiko Tamai is one of Tomodachi Game female characters who is a member of the management. She acts as a watcher for the K team and Juuzou Kadokura. She has blonde hair, a short skirt, and an undone shirt that reveals her enormous chest and cleavage.

While her screentime in the anime might have been less, I’m sure fans of mature anime woman love this character.

8. Saori Miyabe

Saori Miyabe - best Tomodachi Game Female Characters

Saori Miyabe formerly served as the Housekeeper in the Shibe Household. She’s one of the best Tomodachi game female characters popular among fans.

She was the primary witness in the Fourth Game, “Friend-Sin Trial.” During the initial Adult Tomodachi Games, she held the title “Prisoner Number 006” in the “Prison Game of Friendship.”

With her short bob hair, often dark in color, reaching her chin, Saori is recognized by her appearance. After leaving the Shibe Household, she dons a light-colored Yukata. In her role as a Housekeeper, she wore a dark-colored Maid uniform.

Saori’s testimony stemmed from her disliking the Shibe Family due to her father’s situation, and she’s clear she’d never work for a “money grubber.” In the Fourth Game, “Friend’s Sin Courtroom,” she appears as a “witness” recounting the events involving Shiho Sawaragi and Makoto Shibe.

9. Mitsuru Hanamiya

Mitsuru Hanamiya

Next on our list of the best Tomodachi Game female characters is Mitsuru Hanamiya. She is a schoolmate of Yuuichi Katagiri. She’s the class leader, holding considerable influence.

She often wears glasses at school but removes them when meeting Tenji and Kokorogi. Tenji Mikasa notes she’d have been a strong class president if she hadn’t run for candidacy.

Mitsuru ranks second in grades, right after him. Despite her serious demeanor, her character commands trust. She organized asking Shiho Sawaragi about the fee collection.

Her composed nature remains consistent, even in her relationship with Tenji, guiding the class with rational decisions.

10. Sora Namiragawa

Sora Namiragawa - best Tomodachi Game Female Characters

Sora Namiragawa (波羅川ソラ, Namiragawa Sora) takes part in the Adult Tomodachi Game, particularly the Friendless Game. She is a high school student who also does live streams to become popular and make some cash.

When emotions peak, she experiences insatiable hunger due to a linked connection with her belly. She manages stress and anger well to stay composed.

That’s it for this post! These are the top 10 most popular Tomodachi Game female characters of all time!


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