15+ Greatest Manga Like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun You Must Read!

15+ Greatest Manga Like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun You Must Read!

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun is a popular shounen manga about a ghost boy and a human girl exploring the seven supernatural mysteries of a middle school. If you like this series’ story, here are the 15+ best manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun that share a similar plot, theme and characters.

The following manga books fall under the supernatural, horror genre that is centered around ghosts and school environment. While some of them have been adapted into anime, the majority of the following shows are yet to get an anime adaptation. This means, you only get to enjoy them in the form of manga for now.

So without any further ado, here are the 16 best manga like TBHK that you must read!

Top 16 Manga Similar To Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

16. QQ Sweeper

QQ Sweeper

Negative energy sometimes inhabits human hearts. Negativity can form terrible creatures that can only be defeated by “Sweepers,” exceptional humans who can provide peace.

Kyuutarou Horikita, a second-year Kurokado High School student, is a grouchy cleaning freak. He finds Fumi Nishioka, a new transfer student who has no family, sleeping in the old school building.

Fumi becomes a live-in housekeeper and an apprentice Sweeper when Kyuutarou and his family find she can fight creatures born out of negativity. Fumi has a latent power, and a sinister party wants to use it.

Similar to TBHK, we see the main characters of this manga encounter supernatural problems in school setting. The fact that the female is a human and the boy is a supernatural being makes it even more similar.

15. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo - manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

This is a fun gender swap manga which shares a similar plot with Toilet Bound Hanako Kun. Both the series about the seven mysteries in a school.

Ryuu Yamada, a junior at Suzaku High, is a notorious hardliner and delinquent. After being scolded for his attitude, he sees Urara Shiraishi, the class’s best student. Yamada trips and falls while taunting Shiraishi on the stairs.

He awakens in the infirmary. He finds himself in the girl’s body. After confronting Shiraishi, he discovers that an accidental kiss during the fall caused the body exchange. Yamada’s exciting high school career begins with this new ability!

14. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss

One little girl and a robot confront the hazards of The Abyss, a hole of unprecedented depth, in order to discover the truth.

The town of Orth is unique because it was constructed around the imposing Abyss, a marvel that has never been fully explored. People who go too far down never come back, but those who are courageous enough to go through its realms are referred to be “Cave Raiders” and are celebrated as legends. A young girl named Riko, the offspring of one of the most renowned Cave Raiders of all time who vanished on an expedition many years ago, resides in this village.

When Riko encounters Reg, a weird robot that seems to have emerged from the Abyss, her life is forever altered. Riko and Reg enter the Abyss’ depths prepared to face all of its horrors since they think this is a sign from her mother, who is thought to be trapped there.

Unlike TBHK, Made in Abyss does not have a school theme nor a ghost theme. However, the fact that both the stories have a dark theme hidden behind a beautifully designed world made me want to add it to the list.

13. Kimi ga Shinu made Ato 100-nichi

Kimi ga Shinu made Ato 100-nichi - manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Tarou Tsudahayashi always liked Umi Kanzaki, his childhood pal. She said that she liked insects the first time he confessed in kindergarten. She misunderstood him twice: in grade school and middle school. However, Umi responds positively in high school after the fourth try.

Tarou then understands Umi has less than 100 days to live. Tarou has seen the lifespan of dying things since childhood. He has never been able to stretch time, but Umi can when her heart misses a beat!

Kimi ga Shinu made Ato 100-nichi follows two childhood friends as they fight death and discover love.

What makes this manga similar to Toilet Bound Hanako Kun is its light hearted themes that cover a dark and heavy story.

12. Kara no Kioku

Kara no Kioku

Rei starts his day with a lot of worry and fear because he just moved to Tokyo and it’s his first day of high school. When he gets to class, he is still nervous. In the middle of all the talking, Rei has a strange dream, which is followed by a pain in his chest.

When Rei wakes up, a small creature is standing on his desk to meet him. Rei goes home and says it was all in his dream. But, to his surprise, he found that the streets were full of strange animals of all shapes and sizes that no one else could see.

Rei’s life is changed forever when he meets a tall, black-clad figure with one eye who smiles at him. Rei has a lot of questions, and the small thing from before is still following him.

Like Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun’s Nene, the MC of this manga is thrown into a paranormal world all of a sudden. The fact that both the manga focus more on adventure more than action is another similariy.

11. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen - manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

An ancient war continues in modern Japan without attracting the attention of common people. “Curses”—supernatural monsters—terrorize humanity from the shadows, and powerful “Jujutsu” sorcerers use mystical skills to kill them. Yuuji Itadori, a high school student, joins this deadly struggle after finding a dried-up Cursed finger of Sukuna Ryoumen.

Yuuji recklessly fights a Curse attracted to the finger’s power, obtaining the power to fight Curses but also unleashing the evil Sukuna. Though Yuuji can control and restrict Sukuna to his body, the Jujutsu world considers him a dangerous, high-level Curse who must be eliminated.

Yuuji meets Jujutsu High School teacher Satoru Gojou, who tells him he can avoid execution. If Yuuji died, Sukuna would die too. Thus, if Yuuji consumed all of Sukuna’s fragments, his execution would completely destroy the demon. Yuuji joins Jujutsu High to make the world safer and live longer.

10. Obake Life

Obake Life

Obake Life is a one-shot manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun with horror and drama theme. This manga got published on Shounen Jump magazine on January 21, 2008. This is an underrated manga series that TBHK fans are sure to love!

A student who has the ability to sense ghosts picks up a manga that was left on her desk. She opens a random page and reads, “Those who have read this far in my manga will always pass away on the same day — Hamami.” With the aid of a helpful ghost who fell in love with her at first sight, she must act quickly to break the curse and save her own life.

9. Gogo Monster

Gogo Monster - manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Gogo Monster is a classic horror, fantasy manga similar to Toilet Bound Hanako Kun that takes place in school setting.

Yuki Tachibana, a shy first grader, thinks that the fourth floor of his school is home to supernatural creatures that only a few kids (and no adults) can see.

He’s worried about a recent influx of new, less friendly creatures and about losing his ability to see things as they really are as he gets older. Most of the other kids make fun of Yuki because they think he’s crazy because of what he says and does.

His only friends are the school’s kind and open-minded caretaker, a new transfer student named Makoto Suzuki who gets the desk next to his, and a mysterious boy named IQ who always wears a box over his head.

8. Vanitas no Karte

Vanitas no Karte

Vanitas, a vampire, was despised by his peers for being born beneath a full blue moon instead of a crimson one. He created the “Book of Vanitas,” a cursed grimoire, to avenge all vampires.

Vanitas no Karte follows Noé Archiviste, a young man flying by airship in 19th-century Paris to find the Book of Vanitas. After a vampire attack, Noé meets Vanitas, a mysterious vampire doctor who is, to his amazement, human. The mystery doctor heals patients with the Vanitas grimoire. But his pleasant demeanor hides something evil and sinister.

This manga is so popular that it even has an anime adaptation. Like Jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun we get to see a main character duo that face supernatural threats in this action packed manga.

7. Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen

Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen - manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

This is a manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun that takes place in a high school setting.

Taiyou Asano, a high school student, has struggled with social skills ever since his family was killed in a vehicle accident. The head of the world’s most powerful family of spies and a childhood friend of his, Mutsumi Yozakura, is the only person he can connect with properly.

Kyouichirou Yozakura, Mutsumi’s older brother, has been overly protective of her ever since he once left her seriously hurt. He will kill anyone for Mutsumi, and Taiyou is his next victim. Taiyou must wed Mutsumi and join the Yozakura family in order to survive.

Thrown into a world of chaos, Taiyou sets out on a mission to learn the terrible truths of his past and the Yozakura family while also protecting his wife.

6. Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya-senpai no Kaidan.

Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya-senpai no Kaidan.

Makoto’s best buddy Hinano disappeared during a serial killer’s female kidnapping. Makoto would do anything to find her—even summoning her middle school’s phantom student, Yotsuya-senpai!

Yotsuya-senpai seems to be a real person. He’s fascinated with writing the scariest stories using Makoto’s middle school students and scenarios. Yotsuya likes to tell terrifying stories, but Makoto learns that they often have a kernel of truth and can expose their horrible truth in the telling. Makoto helps Yotsuya arrange his tales, but can she convince him to divulge her best friend’s whereabouts?

5. Im

Im - manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Im is a fantasy manga similar to Toilet Bound Hanako Kun that focuses on a 15 year old girl who meets a supernatural boy. “Magai,” evil entities who imitate gods and cause disasters to feed, have existed for thousands of years.

The genuine gods cannot defeat these beasts, so they must resurrect the Great Priest Imhotep to exorcise magai.

High schooler Hinome Hawakata is shunned for being cursed. Imhotep saves her from a magai. Imhotep moves in with her family as a thank you, forging an odd connection.

Will Imhotep be able to preserve the universe from disaster as his past haunts him and new foes appear?

4. Shoujo Jiten

Shoujo Jiten

Yachiko Togakushi lives in a five-year-old abandoned dormitory because of her parents’ bad relationship. The Man of the Gaps, a ghost who watches the dormitory’s inmates from small gaps, haunts it. Yachiko moves in despite her friend’s warning, refusing to believe this rumor.

Yachiko meets the Man of the Gaps and learns his name, Giko, on her first night. Giko, who spent his life seeking knowledge, still wants to grasp the girl’s heart. He writes the “Girl Dictionary,” a compendium of his study, to solve this mystery.

Giko meets several girls with Yachiko’s guidance. Yachiko begins to wonder about Giko’s origins as the Girl Dictionary nears completion.

3. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia - manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

By some bizarre coincidence, a young woman was left to die alone at the defunct Academy for Sincere Teachings building. Strangely, only Niiya Teiichi, a freshman, is able to perceive her in ghostly form. Now that she has passed away, they are both interested in learning what might have caused it and why.

This is a hilarious manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun where we get to see a human and a ghost become friends. The gender roles are reversed in this manga where the ghost is a girl and the human is a boy. Whereas in TBHK the boy was the ghost and the girl was the human.

2. Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

Kohachi Inugami, an expert from Tokyo, is called in to determine the cause when suddenly dead animals begin to emerge in a secluded community. Upon arrival, Inugami discovers a young lad named Kabane laboring in the fields and soon makes friends with him before enlisting his assistance in the investigation.

Inugami chooses to hire Kabane at his detective agency, which specializes in investigating cases involving the supernatural, as his suspicion that the two are getting closer to the truth grows stronger.

1. Noragami

Noragami - manga like Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Delivery God Yato works odd jobs for five yen to build a temple of his own. His “Shinki,” or weapon companion, has resigned because she’s bored of being a homeless god’s weapon. Yato works more odd jobs all the while hoping to find a new companion.

Yato chases a missing cat into an oncoming truck while putting out fliers. Hiyori Iki, a neighboring girl, attempts to shove Yato away and hurts herself. She wakes up in the hospital to find her spirit separated from her body. Yato vows to fix Hiyori for five yen, realizing his actions caused this. He finds a fresh Shinki in the rebellious spirit Yukine to restore her.

Noragami follows a girl straddling two worlds and a stray deity’s search for a home.

This is the greatest manga like Toilet Bound Hanako kun where we get to see a supernatural boy and a human girl go on a fantasy adventure. If you loved the quirky characters of TBHK, then you will like Noragami’s characters as well. While the story is not limited to high school setting, we get to see more action in this manga.

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